Strategic Documents

2021 - 2025 Council Plan 'Growing Gannawarra'(PDF, 3MB)

2021/22 Year One Council Action Plan(PDF, 1015KB)

2021 - 2025 Council Plan On a Page(PDF, 1MB)

Advocacy Strategy(PDF, 2MB)

Asset Management Strategy(PDF, 2MB)

Audit and Risk Committee Charter(PDF, 309KB)

Children and Youth Strategy 2016 - 2020(PDF, 2MB)

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy(PDF, 5MB)

Cohuna Childcare Advocacy paper(PDF, 2MB)

Cohuna Future Vision Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Cohuna Recreation Reserve Masterplan(PDF, 14MB)

Community Amenity Local Law 2023(PDF, 3MB)

Community Engagement Strategy 2020-2025(PDF, 1MB)

Corporate Performance Reporting Framework(PDF, 307KB)

Creative Gannawarra Strategy 2021-2025(PDF, 2MB) 

Customer Charter(PDF, 801KB)

Domestic Animal Management Plan 2022-2025(PDF, 874KB)

Early Years Plan 2015-2018(PDF, 21MB)

Electric Line Clearance Vegetation Management Plan 2022-2023(PDF, 1MB)

Environmental Sustainability Strategy(PDF, 2MB)

Exploring Care and Education in Cohuna - Final report(PDF, 8MB)

Financial Plan(PDF, 4MB)

Gannawarra 2025(PDF, 4MB) 

Gannawarra Aquatic Strategy(PDF, 4MB)

Gannawarra Community Safety Plan FINAL 2012-2025(PDF, 5MB)

Gannawarra Future Scan(PDF, 3MB)

Gannawarra Shire Advocacy Plan 2019(PDF, 2MB) 

Gannawarra Shire Council Economic Development Strategy 2019-2024(PDF, 7MB)

Gannawarra Shire Council Domestic Wastewater Management Plan 2020-2024(PDF, 4MB)

Gannawarra Shire Council Walking and Cycling Strategy(PDF, 4MB)

Gannawarra Shire Governance Rules - as of Sept 2023(PDF, 595KB)

Gannawarra Urban Growth Strategy(PDF, 4MB)

Gannawarra Waterfront Masterplans(PDF, 41MB)

Gender Equality Action Plan 2021-2025(PDF, 11MB)

Kerang Active Recreation Corridor Masterplan(PDF, 18MB)

Kerang Lakes Eco-Trail Feasibility Study(PDF, 50MB)

Lake Charm, Kangaroo Lake and Gunbower Creek Environs Strategy 2013 Part 1(PDF, 3MB) 

Loddon Mallee North Regional Growth Plan 2014 Summary(PDF, 990KB)

Positive Ageing Strategy(PDF, 1MB)

Rating Strategy(PDF, 483KB)

Recreation Reserve Master Plans Report(PDF, 4MB)

Revenue and Rating Plan(PDF, 2MB)

School Transition in Gannawarra guide 2023 edition (for 2024 enrolments)(PDF, 4MB)

Sir John Gorton Precinct Master Plan(PDF, 7MB)

Social Inclusion Strategy 2019-2023(PDF, 3MB)

Sport and Recreation Strategy 2019 - 2029(PDF, 6MB)

Stage 1 Gannawarra Heritage Study 2007(PDF, 4MB)

Study 2 Gannawarra Heritage Study 2007(PDF, 72MB)

Strategic Tourism Plan 2021-2026(PDF, 5MB)

The State of Gannawarra's Children and Young People Report 2023(PDF, 6MB)