Strategic Planning (rezoning)

Strategic Planning involves setting the long-term vision for future use, development, protection and conservation of land. Council is responsible for developing strategies, plans and policies to reinforce this vision.

Strategic Planning ensures our community has a consistent and planned approach towards things such as housing, commercial and retail developments, neighbourhood character, amenity and heritage.

Strategic Planning also involves maintaining and updating the Gannawarra Planning Scheme.


Listed below are details relating to changes to the Gannawarra Planning Scheme.

C30 – Implementation of the Gannawarra Planning Scheme Review - The amendment was adopted by Council on 17 December 2014 and now requires Ministerial approval prior to being incorporated into the Gannawarra Planning Scheme. 

C36 – Implementation of the Gannawarra Heritage Study - The Gannawarra Heritage Study has now been completed and adopted by Council.  The Heritage Study will be implemented through new provisions in the Gannawarra Planning Scheme.  These provisions are currently being drafted and comments will be sought from the public mid 2015.

C38 – Revised Schedule to the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay Schedule - This amendment was gazetted 5 June 2014 and the revised schedule now forms part of the Gannawarra Planning Scheme.

C39 – Revised Schedule to the Floodway Overlay - The amendment will be on public exhibition from 29 January 2015.  You may view the amendment at the Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning website -  

C40 – Murray Goulburn Factory rezoning - The public exhibition has now closed for this amendment.  Council officers are now considering submissions.

C41 – Revised Schedule to the Low Density Residential Zone and revised Schedule to the Development Plan Overlay - The amendment was adopted by Council on 17 December 2014 and has now been submitted to the Minister for Planning for final approval.