Street trees, nature strips and driveways

Nature Strip Trees

Council is responsible for the maintenance of trees on Council land and naturestrips throughout township areas.Nature strip trees are maintained through a 2-year cyclic pruning program to ensure road, footpath and power line clearance, good appearance and condition. Only trees that are dead, dying or dangerous will be removed.

All enquiries regarding nature strip trees including fallen branches, pruning, inspections and replacement or planting of street trees should be directed to Council on (03) 5450 9333.

Powerline clearance is conducted by local power authorities throughout the Shire with the exception of Kerang where Council is responsible.

Want to plant a nature strip tree?

Gannawarra Shire Council is able to offer residents two street trees per property to be planted on the naturestrip. We have a selection of species available for naturestrips with or with out overhead power lines.

To apply for the plants below for your naturestrip, please download the appropriate application form found at the bottom of this page and mail it back to us. We will generally be able to deliver the plants to your door within 2-3 weeks.

Council is unable to provide you with species other than those listed here, however should you wish to purchase your own street trees please contact Council first to ensure their suitability.

Nature strip Trees for No Power Lines

Botanical Name   Common Name   Description    
Acacia salicina   Willow Wattle   12 metres. Weeping habbit, creamy flowers Autumn & Winter    
Jacaranda mimosifolia   Jacaranda   15 metres. Deciduous, mauve flowers in early Summer.    
Callistemon viminalis   Dawson River Weeper   6 metres. Red flowers with yellow tips in Spring & Autumn    
Eucalyptus maculata   Spotted Gum   30 metres. Clean tree, smooth trunk, flowers Winter & Spring    
Eucalyptus melliodora   Yellow Box   10-20 metres. Blue-grey leaves & cream flowers in Autumn    
Pittosporum angustifolium   Weeping Pittosporum   3-7 metres. Smooth white bark, yellow flowers in Spring    
Eucalyptus ficifolia   Red Flowering Gum   7 metres. Large clusters of red flowers.    
Quercus coccinea   Scarlet Oak   15 metres. Deciduous green leaves turning scarlet in Autumn.

Nature strip Trees Under Power Lines

Botanical Name   Common Name   Description    
Acacia Booranmii   Snowy River Wattle   2-4 metres. Delicate leaves, yellow flowers in Winter    
Acacia acinacea   Gold Dust Wattle   3 metres. Small leaves, yellow flowers in Winter.    
Callistemon "Harkness"   Bottlebrush   3-5 metres. Very large red brushes in Spring & Autumn    
Eucalyptus tetraptera   Miniature Gum Tree   3 metres. Pink/Red flowers in Spring    
Eucalyptus forrestiana   Fuscia Gum   4 metres. Small gum, weeping red fuscia like flowers.


Apply for nature strip trees for your property

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