Transfer Stations

Transfer Station locations and operating hours

Council operates four transfer stations, all which accept a range of materials for recycling or disposal. Details regarding locations and operating hours for each site are below. Should you require more information please contact Council on (03) 5450 9333. 

Cohuna Transfer Station

Cohuna transfer.JPG

Chuggs Road, Cohuna

Phone: (03) 5456 2613

Opening hours (closed on days which coincide with a public holiday)

Sundays:  1pm-4pm 

Kerang Transfer Station

Kerang transfer.JPG

Kerang-Murrabit Road, Kerang

Phone: (03) 5450 4334

Opening hours (closed on days which coincide with a public holiday)

Fridays:  1pm-4pm
Sundays: 1pm-4pm


Lalbert Transfer Station

Lalbert transfer.JPG

Wood Avenue, Lalbert

Opening hours (closed on days which coincide with a public holiday)

1st and 3rd Sundays of the month: 10am-12 noon

Quambatook Transfer Station

Quambatook transfer.JPG

Meering Road, Quambatook

Opening hours (closed on days which coincide with a public holiday)

1st and 3rd Sundays of the month: 1pm-3pm

Barham Transfer Station

Murray River Council operates the Barham Transfer Station, located at Barham East Road.For more information, including operating hours, please visit theMurray River Council website.


To view Council's Transfer Station Fees & Charges, please click here(PDF, 231KB).

For Barham Transfer Station fees, please contact Murray River Council on 1300 087 004.

Chemical Waste

drumMUSTER is the national program for collection and recycling of empty, cleaned farm chemical containers.

Chemical users pay 4 cents per litre or kilogram levy on eligible products sold in non-returnable containers. Containers are identified by a logo (sticker, label or embossed) which shows they are eligible for recycling through drumMUSTER. 

All of Gannawarra Shire Council's Transfer stations are drumMUSTER locations. The Transfer Stations will accept drums during normal operating hours, but will require you to book in advance.

For more information visit the Drummuster website


E waste email signature

e-waste products - which is any product that has a plug, battery or cord - are banned from being placed in rubbish bins and landfills throughout Victoria and must be taken to your local transfer station for recycling. For the Gannawarra Shire, these locations are the Cohuna, Kerang, Quambatook and Lalbert transfer stations.

e-waste contains valuable resources that can be recycled, such as tin, nickel, zinc, aluminium, copper, silver, gold and plastic, as well as hazardous materials that can cause environmental contamination, such as heavy metals like lead, mercury and cadmium to ozone depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCS) and flame retardants.

Silage wrap recycling

Local farmers can dispose of their silage wrap for free at Council’s Cohuna Transfer Station.

To assist with the recycling of this product, silage wrap needs to be shaken and as clean as possible, and will be accepted in Bulka bags, wool bags or Plasback bags without net wrap or twine.

Silage wrap is made of a high quality linear lowdensity polyethylene plastic which is a wasted resource if sent to landfill.

NOTE: Burning silage wrap is illegal. This also releases harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

Solar panel recycling

Thanks to Council's partnership with Solar Recovery Corporation, residents can take exhausted, damaged or soiled solar panels to any of our transfer stations for recycling free of charge.

As part of this program, Solar Recovery Corporation will collect these solar panels, separate all materials and pack them for reuse.