Business Permits and Approvals


Permits are required for certain business activity within the Gannawarra Shire.

For businesses wishing to do footpath trading, house to house trading, operate a food premises or accommodation premises, permits and approvals will be required.

 Below is a link to some of the permits you may require for your business operations, your first course of action should be to contact Council on(03) 5450 9333 to discuss any requirements.

Footpath trading permit

Businesses that want to place items on the footpath or on Council land such as signs, merchandise or tables require a footpath trading permit application. To complete an application, please complete the form below.

For more information please contact our Local Laws Department on (03) 5450 9333.

Click here to view form.

House to House Trading Permit

Community hospitality and generosity are valued features of a rural community, but this must be balanced against the rights of every person to not be excessively imposed upon in their home, street or vehicle by charitable collectors, commercial traders or any other organisations.

If you want to:

(a) solicit or collect any gifts of money, subscriptions or waste materials; or

(b) distribute any handbills, information brochures or books; or

(c) sell or offer goods or services for sale;

from any Council Land or go house to house, you will require a permit.

Go to our Forms Page (scroll down to Business) to find the relevant application form.

Roadside trading

A permit is required to erect or place on any Road or Council Land a vehicle, caravan, trailer, table, stall or other similar structure for the purpose of selling or offering for sale any goods or services.

This does not include short‐term outdoor community events on Council Land, although such events may be subject to a Permit under Clause 76 of Council Local Laws.

To complete an application for a Roadside, Parks and Reserve Trading Permit, please complete the form below. For information regarding food safety requirements, please visit our Food Premises page.

NOTE: Applicants must read the Roadside, Parks and Reserve Trading Permit document prior to completing an application. To download a copy of this document, please click here.


Buskers, street performers and artists add activity, colour and interest to the public space. Council welcomes quality buskers/street performers but recognises that any performer/activity must not adversely affect pedestrian movement, safety or become a nuisance.

Busking is defined as performing to the public, whether by acting, juggling, singing, playing a musical instrument or otherwise entertaining passers‐by, with or without collecting money.

Do I need a permit?



A permit is required to busk or perform to the public, or play any musical instrument or use any sound amplification equipment.


A permit is not required for busking which is part of a short‐term outdoor community event on Council Land, although such events may be subject to a Permit under Clause 76 of Council Local Laws.

Go to our Forms Page (scroll down to Events) to find the relevant application forms.

Items to be provided with application

  • Payment - details of the application and permit fee required are shown on the application
    • Details of type of amplification equipment to be used
    • A site plan of proposed location of equipment and cabling/electrical cords