Responsible Pet Ownership

Owning a pet provides companionship for both the owner and the pet. This role also comes with a number of responsibilities, which are listed below:

  • Dogs/cats must be registered with Council.
  • Dogs must not be allowed to wander outside the owners' premises.
  • Registration tags must be attached to the dog's/cat's collar at all times while the dog or cat is outside the premises of its owner.
  • Dogs must be on a leash unless in an 'Off Leash' designated area. For information on off-leash areas please refer to Council Policy 068 - Dogs & Cats - Designated Areas
  • Please consider others when out with your pet. This includes picking up your dog's faeces. Penalties apply.

For more information on general dog and cat ownership requirements, visit the Animal Welfare Victoria and Victoria Legal Aid websites.

Regulations for owning greyhounds

Do you own a greyhound? Please refer to the Agriculture Victoria website for legal requirements. This information applies to owners of:

  • Pet Greyhounds, including those adopted from shelters, pounds, and rescue groups;
  • Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) dogs;
  • Greyhounds used for breeding; and
  • Greyhounds used for racing.
You can be fined for not complying with these laws.

Fireworks, thunderstorms and your pet

Many pets become frightened and escape during fireworks events. Pet owners are advised to secure their pets and ensure their pet’s safety during these events.

Further information on caring for your pet during firework displays is available from the RSPCA Victoria website.