Apply for a raffle selling or street stall permit

If your local community organisation would like to sell raffle tickets or hold a street stall you will need to submit an application to Council.

Locations are listed in the form below, which can be submitted online. Please note that applications must be a minimum of seven days prior to the proposed event. The applicant will be notified of Council approval for the event.

Community Activities on Footpaths are controlled by Council Policy No. 035. The aim of this policy is to control street stalls and the selling of raffle tickets by the community in a fair and just manner.

Conditions of permit

There are a number of conditions for the permit which include:

  • Displayed items must not obstruct pedestrian traffic
  • Permit holders must produce the permit on request by an Authorised Officer of the Council or a member of the Police Force (failure to produce a permit on request may result in termination of sales)
  • It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure all raffles comply with the Victorian Commission for Gambling requirements
  • Applicants selling food or drinks must be registered, which can be completed by visiting the Streatrader website.