Gannawarra Connect

Published monthly, Gannawarra Connect is delivered to letterboxes throughout the Gannawarra and provides information on news, projects and services provided by Council.

2020 Editions

Gannawarra Connect - November/December 2020(PDF, 5MB)

Gannawarra Connect - September/October 2020(PDF, 2MB)

Gannawarra Connect - July/August 2020(PDF, 2MB)

Gannawarra Connect - June 2020(PDF, 5MB)

Gannawarra Connect - May 2020(PDF, 2MB)

Gannawarra News 

Published fortnightly, Gannawarra News provides the latest news, job opportunities, projects and services updates. This document is available electronically and printed in the Gannawarra Times and Koondrook-Barham Bridge newspapers.

2020 Editions

November 17(PDF, 1MB)

November 3(PDF, 1MB)

October 20(PDF, 1MB)

October 6(PDF, 1MB)

September 22(PDF, 1MB)

September 8(PDF, 1MB)

August 25(PDF, 1MB)

August 11(PDF, 1MB)

July 28(PDF, 1MB)

July 14(PDF, 1MB)

July 2(PDF, 848KB)

June 18(PDF, 1MB)

June 4(PDF, 835KB)

May 21(PDF, 1016KB)

May 7(PDF, 890KB)

April 23(PDF, 879KB)

April 9(PDF, 950KB)

March 24(PDF, 970KB)

March 10(PDF, 896KB)  

February 25(PDF, 1MB)

February 11(PDF, 707KB)

January 28(PDF, 951KB)

January 14(PDF, 914KB)

Past editions