Feedback on draft design plans

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Working with residents and local schools, the architect received more than 200 completed surveys and some drawings by local school students of their dream play spaces, requesting features such as accessible play equipment for all abilities, fencing between the playground and Cohuna Island Road, water play elements and seating to be incorporated.

Images below: some of the drawings provided by local school children




Using this feedback, the architect has developed a design that incorporates these features, as well as elements that pay homage to Cohuna and the Gannawarra.

The Design Philosophy 

The design inspiration behind this playspace concept is generated by the idea of bringing together the rich history of the Cohuna regions and celebrates its diversities in agriculture and irrigation.

The history of Cohuna is the major driver in generating a space of immersive experiences, creating inquisitiveness and ample amounts of fun.

The all-accessible windy pathway cites a stretch of Gunbower Creek and alludes to different  elements throughout the site that includes a log scramble area that references the second largest River Red Gum forest in Northern Victoria, Gunbower Island.

Following on from the log scramble area; there are sculptural figures of pigs playing in a farmyard that references the early 1900’s Mason Bros. cattle sale yards and the dense pig population from Cohuna’s past.

The central piece of the site is representative of an old farmhouse that reaches up to six metres high that enables viewing of the beautiful scenery of the region.

Sweeping and winding directly below the old farmhouse is a water play channel that is reminiscent of the water pumping from Gunbower Creek.

In conjunction with the water play irrigation channel are elements representative of the many facets related to water which includes water pumps and sluice gates, a 360-degree spinner that resembles a water wheel, and a stand up seesaw for imaginative play that emulates the pumping of water.

An extension of Cohuna's deep-rooted agriculture and irrigational history can be felt throughout the space.

What do you think of the draft design? Let us know below!




  1. Jessica Saunders
    Considering the heat...maybe consider shade sales or some other kind of shelter over the proposed soft fall ( gets very hot n stick in the sun) and over the main climbing fort...the one there at the moment, the slide is unusable in the sun
    1. Gannawarra Shire Council
      Hi Jessica, thanks for the great feedback. It definitely gets hot here in summer!
  2. Shan B
    Plenty of shade and fencing surrounding the park. Having the fencing ar the current park is peace of mind.
  3. Carmel Flynn
    It looks wonderful. I would love to see a wheelchair swing. My nephew would squeal in delight anytime he was fortunate enough to be placed on one.
  4. Steven S
    Design looks great with plenty of options and space to explore. I agree that shade is critical. Could the sails from the old playground be re-purposed at the new one?
  5. L. Roberts
    The concept looks great, just hope there is a huge fence for OH&S reasons eg safety of kids, lots of shade sails & security cameras. Also plenty of seating & tables within the playground & also outside under the trees, with BBQ structures close by as well.
  6. Helen Hall
    I think it is great that Cohuna will have an all-abilities playground that will bring enjoyment for children with disabilities and their families. I see the new playground has lots of wonderful features and I think it will be a great facility.
    I have spent many happy hours with my grandchildren in the playground at APEX park and I was surprised to read that it is going to be removed when the new playground is completed. Is there an issue with the current play equipment? Couldn’t this fenced playground remain beside the proposed new play area to cater for little children?
    Also, has funding been allocated for upkeep of the new playground?