Responsible Pet Ownership

Responsibilities of animal owners

  • Dogs / cats must be registered with Council.
  • Dogs must not be allowed to wander outside the owners' premises.
  • Registration tags must be attached to the dog's / cat's collar at all times while the dog or cat is outside the premises of its owner.
  • Dogs must be on a leash unless in an 'Off Leash' designated area. For information on off-leash areas please refer to Council Policy 068 - Dogs & Cats - Designated Areas
  • Consider others - pick up your dog's faeces. Penalties apply.

For more information on general dog ownership requirements, visit the Victorian State Government website  or call the Customer Service Centre on 136 186.

Excess animals - Local Laws Keeping Animals permit

If you live in a residential area and have more than two dogs or more than two cats you are required under the Local Laws to have a Keeping Animals permit.

The application for a Local Laws Keeping Animals permit is located on the Forms page in the Contact Us section of this website.

Keeping Animals permit applications in the Gannawarra Shire

Click on a link below to view the advertisement for current applications for Local Laws Keeping Animals permits

Dogs, cats, neighbours and you

The Dogs, cats, neighbours and you website  is an easy-to-understand guide designed specifically for the public. It covers the laws on owning dogs and cats in Victoria.

The guide explains the rights and responsibilities that come with pet ownership, and has been updated to include changes to the laws on dog attacks.



Do you own a greyhound? Please refer to the Victorian State Government website for legal requirements for owners of greyhounds.

The information applies to owners of:

  • Pet Greyhounds, including those adopted from shelters, pounds, and rescue groups;
  • Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) dogs;
  • Greyhounds used for breeding;
  • Greyhounds used for racing.
You can be fined for not complying with these laws.

Fireworks, thunderstorms and your pet

Many pets become frightened and escape during fireworks events. Pet owners are advised to secure their pets and ensure their pet’s safety during these events. Further information on caring for your pet during firework displays is available from the RSPCA Victoria website.