Keeping Animals on your Property

Depending on what animals you want to keep and where you live, you may need a Local Laws animal permit and/or a planning permit.

You don't need a keeping of animals permit to keep the following type/quantity of animal:

Type of Animal  Flats, Units Or Townhouses On land up to 1 hectare, excluding Farm Land On land greater than 1 hectare and up to 2 hectares, other than Farm Land Farm Land
Dogs 2
Cats 2 2 5
Poultry (no roosters) 0 6 30 Municipal Planning Scheme Applies
Large or Noisy Birds 0 0 0
Pigeons 0 50 150
Domestic birds (caged) 2 50 100
Horses/donkeys Prohibited 0 2
Cattle Prohibited
0 5
Sheep/goats Prohibited
0 10
Pigs Prohibited
0 0
Any other livestock Prohibited
0 2
  •  0.5 hectares = 1.236 acres, 2 hectares = 4.94 acres
  • For the purpose of calculating Animal numbers, the progeny of any dog or cat lawfully kept will be counted from 12 weeks after their birth.

Keeping of Animals Permit

Please complete and submit an application to Council if you require a keeping of animals permit. Forms are available on our Forms page  . If you require a permit under the Municipal Planning Scheme, please phone Council on (03) 5450 9333 and ask to speak to a planner.

Cancellation of Keeping of Animals Permit

If you currently hold a valid Keeping of Animals Permit and wish to cancel this permit, please complete a notification form below.

Click here to view form.