Keeping Animals on your Property

Depending on what animals you want to keep and where you live, you may need a Local Laws animal permit and/or a planning permit.

You don't need a keeping of animals permit to keep the following type/quantity of animal:

Type of Animal  Flats, Units Or Townhouses On Land Less Than 0.5 Ha. # in a built up area On Land 0.5 Ha. to 2 Ha. #* in a built up area Farm Zone
Dogs 1
Cats 2 2 2
Poultry (no roosters) 0 6 30 Municipal Planning Scheme Applies
Large or Noisy Birds (including Roosters 0 0 10
Pigeons 0 50 150
Domestic birds (caged) 2 50 100
Horses/donkeys Prohibited 0 2
Cattle Prohibited
0 5
Sheep/goats Prohibited
0 10
Pigs Prohibited
0 0
Any other livestock Prohibited
0 2
 #    0.5 hectares = 1.236 acres, 2 hectares = 4.94 acres

*    Animal numbers on private properties exceeding 2 ha in built up areas are subject only to those restrictions applicable under the Municipal Planning Scheme.

Keeping of Animals Permit

Please complete and submit an application to Council if you require a keeping of animals permit. Forms are available on our Forms page  . If you require a permit under the Municipal Planning Scheme, please phone Council on (03) 5450 9333 and ask to speak to a planner.

Cancellation of Keeping of Animals Permit

If you currently hold a valid Keeping of Animals Permit and wish to cancel this permit, please complete a notification form below.

Click here to view form.