Marian Smith


At 85, Marian Smith is active, full of life and not afraid to try something new. Marian’s favourite activity is golf – a sport she has been playing since her late 20s.

Marian is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone. Last year she took up lawn bowls and was astounded with how welcoming and friendly fellow players were to her.

Marian’s greatest achievement is getting up on stage and dancing. She always wanted to join a tap dance & jazz group, and it didn’t disappoint. Marian also walks her dog, Sadie for 45 minutes most days of the week. 

Marian believes it is important to stay fit so you can keep enjoying the things you love to do. She believes you have to exercise your body and brain to stay healthy. She keeps her brain active by playing solitaire, the ukulele, and running bingo at the nursing home.

“My balance is not as good as it was and adding some strength based activities is something to think about.”