Recycling services resume 17 February 2020

Published on 14 February 2020


Gannawarra Shire residents are advised that all items placed in yellow household recycling bins will be taken for recycling from Monday, 17 February following the re-opening of the Echuca Materials Recovery Facility.
Veolia, which manages the collection of household waste throughout the Gannawarra, suspended the processing of household recycling materials on 20 January 2020 due to the closure of the Echuca Materials Recovery Facility – which is where all household recyclable items are taken for sorting and processing.
“The closure resulted from the temporary closure of the Tumut Paper Mill, which received mixed paper supply from Veolia, due to the bushfires,” Mayor Lorraine Learmonth said.
“Veolia has advised that the mill is operational again, meaning the materials recovery facility can reopen.”
Kerbside collections have continued as normal throughout the Gannawarra during the four-week period the materials recovery facility has been closed, with materials collected from all yellow household recycling bins directed to landfill.
“Sending recyclable material to landfill is a last resort that councils take very seriously. No-one wants to see recyclable material go to landfill but our priority is to ensure public health and safety,” Mayor Learmonth said.
“It was pleasing though to see many residents take their sorted recyclables to Council’s Transfer Stations for collection, with these materials taken to Melbourne for repurposing.”
With recycling services to resume, residents are encouraged to recycle as many household waste items as possible. These include:

  • Cardboard;
  • Glass bottles and jars;
  • Milk and juice cartons;
  • Aluminium and steel cans, foil trays and aerosols;
  • Rigid plastic containers and bottles;
  • Newspapers and magazines;
  • Letters, envelopes and office paper;
  • Advertising materials; and
  • Telephone books.

“A recent audit of 175 kerbside waste and recycling bins at various locations throughout the Gannawarra found that the contamination rate for recycling bins was 9.4 per cent of the total weight of materials collected for recycling,” Mayor Learmonth said.
“This figure is low compared to other municipalities across Victoria, with recyclable materials being placed within plastic bags being the biggest contributing contamination factor.

“Council encourages residents to continue with their positive recycling practices, and thanks all for their patience and understanding during the past four weeks.”

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