New plan outlines the Gannawarra's flood recovery targets

Published on 18 May 2023

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A new plan developed by Gannawarra Shire Council in partnership with more than 30 agencies will guide the Gannawarra’s recovery from the October-December 2022 floods.

The Gannawarra Municipal Flood Recovery Plan features 48 priority actions across 11 recovery target areas that Council and other agencies will work on to guide recovery efforts.

“The Gannawarra Municipal Flood Recovery Plan is an important document for our flood recovery journey, as it will guide our effort to support communities to successfully deal with the impacts of our second major flood event in 11 years, as well as help build cohesion and resilience to future emergencies,” Mayor Charlie Gillingham said.

The seven-page document has been developed thanks to input from two flood-related committees – the Gannawarra Community Flood Recovery Committee and the Gannawarra Municipal Recovery Committees – and three sub-committees focusing on themes associated with wellbeing and social recovery; built and natural environment; and agriculture and economic recovery.

“These five committees and sub-committees, which include community members and representatives from health services, government departments and other agencies, have been meeting since recovery efforts began to determine what actions need to be taken to help residents recover from the floods,” Mayor Gillingham said.

The action plan focuses on key items, including the reconstruction of public infrastructure, private land and building recovery, improved flood planning, building awareness and understanding of the impacts of floods on the Gannawarra, community empowerment, and recovery efforts for the agriculture, business and tourism sectors.

“Many of the actions can be completed locally, however some items will require assistance from other levels of government, with the recovery action plan to play a role with advocating for this support,” Mayor Gillingham said.

“Council thanks all who contributed to the development of the Gannawarra Municipal Flood Recovery Plan and looks forward to seeing these actions undertaken.”

To view the Gannawarra Municipal Flood Recovery Plan, please click on the Gannawarra Shire flood recovery efforts heading at

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