Kerang Saleyards

Published on 02 October 2018


Kerang Saleyards

Media Release

A meeting called by the Kerang Saleyard’s operator, Scanclear Pty. Ltd. was held on Friday September 21, 2018 to discuss the operation of the Facility.

Council attended the meeting as an invited party along with local agents, Agriculture Victoria staff and interested community members.

Director Infrastructure Services Geoff Rollinson said that Brendan Carey of Scanclear Pty. Ltd. called the meeting to discuss the future of cattle sales at the Kerang facility.

“While Council owns the Kerang Saleyards, the complex has been leased out to Scanclear Pty. Ltd. for the past ten years” said Mr. Rollinson.

Scanclear Pty. Ltd. representatives explained to the meeting that the Kerang Saleyards will not be sustainable in the long term and it is up to the stock agents to source stock from growers on a regular basis.

In 2008, cattle sales at Kerang saleyards totalled 22,651. This number has reduced over the years to a low in 2018 of 3,232.

There was agreement at the meeting that buyers will not attend sales with so few numbers of stock and growers will seek out the sale venues that offer the best pricing.

Stock agents attending the meeting were requested to provide a plan to the operator within two weeks to ensure a constant supply of not less than 200 head of cattle per sale as well as a schedule of sale dates (fortnightly, monthly or quarterly). The plan is also to include a selling process (pen selling/post sale weighing) that provides the best solution to make the Kerang sale attractive to agents, growers and buyers.

The future of the Kerang saleyards is in the hands of the agents and growers with support from Scanclear Pty. Ltd. who will facilitate the model that the agents put forward.


Date: 2 October 2018
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