Keeping seniors connected in the digital age

Published on 24 May 2023

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The Gannawarra Library Service will host eight free webinars this year that will help provide older residents with the knowledge and skills to use technology with confidence and keep safer online.

Thanks to a grant from the State Government’s Digital Literacy for Seniors Program, webinars will be held at the Sir John Gorton Library, Kerang, enabling residents to learn more about topics ranging from technology available to identity protection.

“The ever growing reliance on digital technology, such as computers, tablets and mobile phones, is making it easier for residents to keep connected with family and friends,” Gannawarra Shire Council Chief Executive Officer, Geoff Rollinson said.

“However, for many people, the pace this technology has grown has made it difficult to keep up to date with key topics, such as online safety and being aware of scams.”

Sessions will be held on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, 6 June: Wi-fi and data plans (10am-11am)
  • Thursday, 11 July: Government websites (10am-11am)
  • Thursday, 13 July: Smart home technology (3pm-4pm)
  • Tuesday, 1 August: Protect yourself against scams (10am-11am)
  • Tuesday, 3 October: Wi-fi and data plans (10am-11am)
  • Thursday, 9 November: Staying safe on Facebook (10am-11am)
  • Thursday, 9 November: Can you spot a scam (3pm-4pm)
  • Tuesday, 5 December: Connecting with others (10am-11am)

To book your spot or for more information, please phone (03) 5452 1546.

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