Drought projects update - June 2020

Published on 01 June 2020

Lalbert shower block.jpg

The completion of infrastructure works throughout the Gannawarra supported by $1 million of funding from the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Programme – Extension is on track to be achieved by the end of the month.

Council announced in late 2019 that 37 initiatives, activities and infrastructure projects would benefit from $1 million of Federal Government funding, with these Stage 1 projects initially scheduled to be completed by 30 June 2020.

“The easing of social distancing restrictions that have been in place to stop the spread of Coronavirus means that many residents are now starting to benefit from the Stage 1 infrastructure works,” Mayor Lorraine Learmonth said.

“These include the recently completed entryway to the Cohuna Recreation Reserve, the installation of exercise equipment at Lake Charm and the addition of showers to the Lalbert public toilet block.

“Although the rollout of community resilience projects supported by Stage 1 funding remains on hold due to Coronavirus social distancing measures, all involved in these projects and events look forward to the resumption of these programs and rescheduling of these events once social distancing measures are relaxed.”

Planning is also underway regarding the implementation of initiatives supported by a second $1 million portion of funding, with these projects, activities and events to be completed by 31 December 2020.

“Council was pleased to announce the 22 projects and nine events that will benefit from this funding last month, with consultation between Council and the communities where these projects are occurring continuing," Mayor Learmonth said.

The latest round of the Gannawarra Community Resilience Grants Program is supported by Stage 2 funding, with community groups and not-for-profit organisations located within the Gannawarra encouraged to apply for up to $5,000 in funding to support community-led initiatives.

“Further details regarding the Gannawarra Community Resilience Grants Program is available online at www.gsc.vic.gov.au/grants, with applications closing on Friday, 26 June,” Mayor Learmonth said.

Details and updates on all projects supported by funding from the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Programme – Extension is available online at www.gsc.vic.gov.au/droughtfunding

ABOVE: Visitors to Lalbert will benefit from the addition of showers to the town's public toilet block.


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