Drought Projects Update - April 2020

Published on 01 April 2020

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Communities across the Gannawarra are starting to benefit from the completion of projects supported by the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Programme – Extension.

Council announced in late 2019 that 37 initiatives, activities and infrastructure projects would benefit from $1 million of Federal Government funding, with these Stage 1 projects initially scheduled to be completed by 30 June 2020.

“Lake Charm, Macorna and Quambatook residents would have noticed improvements to a number of their district’s facilities in the past few weeks,” Mayor Lorraine Learmonth said.

“Users of the Macorna Recreation Reserve are benefiting from improved gravel access, whilst walking tracks around Lake Charm have been improved.

“Repairs to a number of buildings at Quambatook are also underway, with these facilities getting a much needed new lease on life.”


Works are also proceeding at Cohuna, with materials that form the new entry to the Cohuna Recreation Reserve ordered.

“Council recently received delivery of the facility’s new ticketbox (pictured above), which will provide greater shelter for volunteers who greet attendees at Cohuna Kangas Football & Netball Club home games and the Cohuna Agricultural, Pastoral and Horticultural Society Show,” Mayor Learmonth said.

“The installation of the ticketbox and improvements to the reserve’s main entrance are scheduled to be completed this month.”

Unfortunately the rollout of community resilience projects have been postponed due to efforts to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

“All involved in these projects and events look forward to the resumption of these programs and rescheduling of these events once social distancing measures are relaxed,” Mayor Learmonth said.

Meanwhile, the confirmation of initiatives, activities, events and infrastructure projects that will benefit from $1 million of Stage 2 of funding from the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Programme – Extension has been delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Details and updates on all projects supported by funding from the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Programme – Extension is available online at www.gsc.vic.gov.au/droughtfunding


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