Council Meeting Wrap - July 2021

Published on 22 July 2021

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The noting of the results of the 2021 Community Satisfaction Survey for Gannawarra Shire Council, which identified significant improvements in key service areas, highlighted Gannawarra Shire Council’s June 2021 meeting.

Held at the Kerang Senior Citizens Centre, the receival of the 2021 Local Government Victoria Community Satisfaction Survey was the major topic of discussion.

Conducted via telephone interviews with 400 Gannawarra Shire Council residents over the age of 18 between February and March 2021, the results included major increases in Overall Council Direction (+31), Community Decisions (+16), Lobbying (+16), Business Development/Community Development/Tourism (+13), Consultation and Engagement (+13), Overall Performance (+13) and Customer Service (+10).

The survey also found that Council’s performance in 15 service areas was equal or above the State-wide average, highlighted by Elderly Support Services, Waste Management and Enforcement of Local Laws. This included Council’s COVID-19 response (74), which was above the State-wide average of 73.

Other outcomes from the meeting included:

  • Noting the summary of discussions from the 15 June 2021 meeting of the Audit and Risk Committee;
  • The endorsement of three reviewed policies – Risk Management, Bus Routes – Certificates and Waste Management Service, Bins – Provision and Replacement – and the repealing of the Sport and Recreation Assistance and Grants policy; and
  • The delegating of powers, duties and functions to Council staff holding, acting in or performing the duties of the offices or positions referred to in the Instrument of Delegation to members of Council staff.

Matters relating to the Cohuna Recreation Reserve Master Plan, operational service figures and gender identifiable amenities were also addressed on the night during Question Time.

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