Be Cool in Gannawarra this summer

Published on 02 December 2019

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Gannawarra Shire residents are encouraged to be prepared for what is predicted to be a summer of extreme heat.

With the Bureau of Meteorology predicting a 75 per cent chance that the average maximum temperature for summer 2019/20 will exceed the long-term mark of 30.9 degrees, Council is running its Be Cool in Gannawarra campaign, which aims to promote ways residents can minimise the risks associated with hot conditions.

“Although hot summers are something we are used to living in northern Victoria, it is important for residents to be prepared,” Mayor Lorraine Learmonth said.

“Last summer was a good example of how extreme conditions can get in the Gannawarra. Sixteen 40-plus degree days occurred between 1 December 2018 and 28 February 2019, with this period including a new record maximum temperature of 47.6 degrees, set on 25 January this year.

“Unfortunately heat kills more Australians than any natural disaster, with those most at risk being older people, young children and those with a medical condition.”

Residents can reduce the risks of extreme heat by:

  • Drinking plenty of water;
  • Not leaving children adults or pets in cars;
  • Spending as much time as possible in cool or air-conditioned buildings, such as libraries or community centres;
  • Cancel non-essential outings and plan essential activities for the coolest part of the day; and
  • Look after those most at risk by keeping in touch with family members and neighbours.

“If you do not have air conditioning, please consider visiting a friend or family member whose place does have air conditioning or make the most of cooler public spaces, which include Gannawarra Library Service branches and our local swimming pools,” Mayor Learmonth said.

If you or anyone you know feels unwell on a hot day, please call NURSE-ON-CALL on 1300 60 60 24, or phone Triple Zero (000) in an emergency.


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