What else would you like to see included in the future concept plans?

Discussion closing on 28 February 2021, 05:00 PM

  1. Sue Patin
    I would like to see a couple of rubbish bins next to the path along the creek near the seating
  2. Gary Baddeley
    I would like to see a safe crossing at new car park near bridge andentries points to assess water More seating .bins .keep dog on leads at all times singing an ranger pertrolls
  3. Jess Munzel
    It would be great to see more picnic tables and seats that are shaded, for families or large groups to eat together. In addition to a larger information center area that could be more useful for hosting large events on the water like weddings, workshops or ceremony like functions.
  4. Wendy Lunghusen
    * Safe pedestrian crossing from the Gateway Visitor Information Centre Carpark to cross the highway
    * all abilities mobility aid/walking track that connects the Gateway Carpark to the Waterfront (Apex) Park, incorporating the Town Bridge
    *seal the gravel area from the weir to Garden Park - gravel area is difficult for all abilities to access Weir viewing area and the visitor information signs
    *sealed path to connect shortfall from Soundshell to highway. Currently the footpath leads to the Carpark to get back to a footpath.
  5. Sally Bentley
    Artworks acknowledging our indigenous history and native wildlife as opposed to more cows and our European history. A mural on the old water tower could be a part of the silo trail.
    The middle garden park path should be lined up with the laneway that already exists connecting the Main Street with the carparks and the memorial park, gallery, library, etc.
    More picnic tables would be better situated along the creek bank where people can overlook the water.
    More bins along the opposite creek bank.
  6. Les Roberts
    More tables & seating under shade & near the water, more rubbish bins, outdoor washing facilities to wash sand off from brach, CCTV cameras, leave the island alone the way it is for the wildlife not humans,
  7. Emma Flight
    Consideration of seating and picnic tables to be in shade. During the heat of the day/hot months people avoid using them due to heat and or sun exposure. There is no where besides businesses seating on footpaths for mums to feed babies with shade and or weather protection
  8. Tanya Black
    Galleria type seating and area - creative ironwork with shading vines growing overhead and ambient lighting, paved or concrete.
    where possibly we could host a one man band or artist to perform in a more intimate setting
  9. Denise Waterson
    I would like to see more shaded seating throughout.
    Also a footpath linking the footpath on the other side of the bridge to the crossing in front of 35 Mens. As it is, pedestrian traffic from the caravan park is directed to the shops opposite Garden Park putting the businesses at the other end of the street at an immediate disadvantage.
    A sealed footpath from the Gateway to the weir would also make it easier for all abilities to negotiate this area.
  10. Jillian Wemyss
    Any chance some money could
    Be used to give the water tower a face lift and new lights/sign it’s definitely Cohuna’s land mark and a welcome relief when you see it ..especially if you have been on a long trip
  11. Graham White
    Thank you for the chance to comment and what a wonderful opportunity for the Cohuna community.
    Unfortunately the site analysis plan provided does not reveal enough specific detail to constructively comment on it as is. Its to simplistic and raw with scattered elements of good intention. Much more detailed concept plans and perspectives are required before this fantastic $3.4 million opportunity is wasted or squandered for Cohuna.This is a critical decision for the community and council. It's a rewarding privilege and experience driving into Cohuna from the dry surrounding plains, you enter an oasis of green park lawns framed by trees, and a cooling uninterrupted riverside view opposite the business side of the street.
    The uniqueness of this aspect must be protected and enhanced. The community cannot afford to let any redevelopment turn out to be just like many other towns around Australia with parks that have optted for the easy cut and paste design and placement of standard elements that have made many of these towns end up with a common look and landscape - including the riverside ones. You can't remember which one was which. This is an opportunity to create memorabilty for Cohuna, increase tourism and prolonged stays of travellers instead of a 20 minute stop. This redesign needs a theme, an icon for memorability and a careful design before the cheque book. Whats the rush?
    A few thoughts
    - Was there a theme? - I can't see one. (Water, water, water and closer to the street?)
    - What was the brief to the Hansen designers?
    - Was a landscape designer briefed?
    - Put the overhead powerlines underground
    - Build a single span walking swing bridge directly across the creek to the RV park section - a passive link
    - Link the bridge through the park via pathways with seating to the road crossing.
    - Design a central focal point for relaxing, a meeting place and photo opportunities
    - Move the seating and tables off the larger lawned areas to the river bank - for larger events
    - Redesign and relocate the Sound Stage
    - Relocate and incorporate a clock into a falling water feature enhancing the sound experience
    - Incorporate the unique environment, indigenous and agricultural heritage of the area into the artist briefs for sculptures and water features.
    - Clean up the amazing water tower and better lighting - the towns beacon! - NO graphics. Silo art is now dated and a "me to" attraction and will never be unique to Cohuna
    - Turn the southern end of the Information Centre into a licensed cafe
    - Provide better outdoor maps of the area and its activities
    - Curve pathways like a river, edged with Red Gum timber slatted seating- not sleepers and coach bolts
    - Consider iron framed natural arbor shading without interrupting the views
    - Place a unique taller design element closer to the street to slow and stop the drive throughs
    - Definitely incorporate the uplighting along the riverbank trees and art installations - ground edge lighting on pathways
    - Encourage tourists and locals to clean and maintain the park for a free nights stay - locals are looking for things to do.

    Yep - I remember Cohuna- go there!

    Thanks Graham
  12. Lorraine Learmonth
    I would like to see more water fountains ...area not over crowded by bits and pieces ..the attraction for visitors is water ,red gums and green grass ...seating in shade .
    Some indigenous art ....
    Exterior of some business need to paint or repair ...I know not Shire responsibility ..
  13. Max Fehring
    Good afternoon,
    I would like to take the opportunity just to make some short comments about the proposed connection area. Like many people, I'm struggling to understand the map and what is proposed.
    I'm a supporter of maintaining the clock, I have no difficulty having an improved façade ,what it needs to be reliable and perhaps a façade altered somewhat, like any such issue it's often in the eye of the beholder as to what that may be.
    I am a supporter of improving the sound shell, it has never met the expectations of the community at all, we've had two goes at it certainly needs a staging area, including the ability for people to change and prepare themselves for performance.

    Park has about the right balance now, would like to see any increased seating provide more towards the creek area, leave the openness of the park as it is. I also like seats with the support back. The community had a long debate when considering war Memorial issues and so forth, that has been resolved in the affirmative and we now have a site between the Memorial Hall and Shire offices which I think is meeting peoples expectations and will allow for commemorations at the appropriate time.

    Would like to make sure the park is for recreation, attracting people to use it and also using our businesses across the street. To have competing businesses within the park particularly of a café type nature is somewhat a conflict of interest that we need to be careful about before implementing. After all, it's a business in town that pay the rates and have to compete in a very challenging business environment these days.

    I would encourage Councillors to make sure they roadtest any final plans before implementation and the spending of such money, that money belongs to the people even though governments give out they are only there to serve the community. It is worthwhile considering an implementation committee of enough diversity within the community to ensure all that is being implemented as well understood and can be communicated to a community that often doesn't have the full information.

    We have seen the debate about the roundabout on the other side of the bridge which in general community terms is not that well thought or appreciated, simply because it was not roadtested enough with the community poor implementation.