Australia Day Awards


Nominations are open for Gannawarra Shire Council’s 2020 Australia Day Awards.

Presented annually as part of Australia Day celebrations, the awards recognise the contribution residents make to their communities.

Nominations are sought for the following award categories:

  • Citizen of the Year; and
  • Young Citizen of the Year (for residents aged 15-24 years of age on Sunday, 26 January 2020).

 To nominate a Gannawarra Shire resident for either of these awards, please complete the nomination form below.

Nominations close at 9am on Monday, 2 December 2019.

Pictured are Mayor Lorraine Learmonth with 2019 Gannawarra Shire Council Citizen of the Year, Dick Walters and Young Citizen of the Year, Kaila Wilson.

2020 Australia Day Awards nomination form

Australia Day Nomination Form 2020
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Previous winners


Citizen of the Year: Dick Walters

Young Citizen of the Year: Kaila Wilson



Citizen of the Year: Jodie Hay

Young Citizen of the Year: Maddison Makeham



Citizen of the Year: Julie Davey

Young Citizen of the Year: Stacey Barbagallo

Senior Citizen of the Year: Joyce Gee

Community Group of the Year: U3A Kerang and District Inc


Citizen of the Year: Ken Jenkins

Young Citizen of the Year: Lenny Brown

Senior Citizen of the Year: Alison McKenzie

Community Service Award: Cubby House Quilters


Citizen of the Year: Andrew Neil

Young Citizen of the Year: Ashleigh Rogers

Senior Citizen of the Year: Carmel Tyers

Community Service Award: Kerang Historical Society



Citizen of the Year: Kelly McKnight

Young Citizen of the Year: Anthony Doyle and Shelby Garlick

Senior Citizen of the Year: Geoff Molin

Community Service Award: Cohuna Lions Club


Citizen of the Year: Carol Barton

Young Citizen of the Year: Luke Parker

Community Group/Event of the Year: Quambatook Tractor Pullers Association


Citizen of the Year: Lorraine Learmonth and Susan Dunne

Young Citizen of the Year: Shannon Knight

Community Group/Event of the Year: Lakes Arts and Cultural Association


Citizen of the Year: Bill Hastie


Citizen of the Year: Jim Ross

Young Citizen of the Year: Ashlee Hammond

Community Group/Event of the Year: 1st Platoon A Foot - Cohuna Golf Club Gunbower Rangers


Citizen of the Year: Hugh Webb

Young Citizen of the Year: Tamara Charleson

Community Group/Event of the Year: Gay Chalmers Dance Band


Citizen of the Year: Gary Myers

Young Citizen of the Year: Samuel Fenton

Community Group/Event of the Year: Murrabit Country Market - Murrabit Progress Association


Citizen of the Year: Joy Cassidy

Young Citizen of the Year: Kathryn Parry

Community Group/Event of the Year: Cohuna Bridge to Bridge


Citizen of the Year: Merril Kelly

Young Citizen of the Year: Brendan Flynn

Community Group/Event of the Year: Music on the Creek - Friends of Treetops


Citizen of the Year: Brian Drummond

Young Citizen of the Year: Jarrod Flack

Community Group/Event of the Year: Golden Rivers Redgum - Forest to Furniture Showcase


Citizen of the Year: Ina Peel

Community Group/Event of the Year: Kerang Business Council - Business Excellence Awards


Citizen of the Year: Audrey Napier

Community Group/Event of the Year: Cohuna - Come Back Jack Concert


Citizen of the Year: Carol Webb

Young Citizen of the Year: Jacob, Miriam, Samuel and Hannah Crane

Community Group/Event of the Year: Cohuna Patchwork Group


Citizen of the Year: Michael Hallinan

Young Citizen of the Year: Luke Raffin


Citizen of the Year: Kevin Bailey


Citizen of the Year: Keith Morison

Young Citizen of the Year: Heather Milley


Citizen of the Year: Byron Reid

Young Citizen of the Year: Simon Raffin


Citizen of the Year: Dawn Billman

Young Citizen of the Year: Stacey Strachan


Citizen of the Year: Ivan Clempson