Question Time

NOTE: As part of support efforts to stop the spread of Coronavirus and comply with government directions, changes have been made to the arrangements of Ordinary Council Meetings.

These arrangements include not holding Question Time until further notice.

The recommencement of Question Time will be publicised to the community prior to its resumption. 

Question time at Council meetings provides an opportunity for the members of the public in the gallery to submit questions to Gannawarra Shire Council.

Question Time Form - writeable PDF version(PDF, 149KB)

Question Time Form - Word version(PDF, 149KB)

 The process for question time is as follows:

  • Questions must be submitted on a Question Time form;

  • Question Time forms are also available at the Kerang and Cohuna Customer Service Centres and in the Council Chamber foyer prior to each Ordinary Council meeting;

  • Completed Question Time forms must be submitted in the Question Time form box before the meeting commences;

  • The person submitting the question must be in attendance;

  • Questions will be read by the Mayor or Chief Executive Officer;

  •  A maximum number of 3 questions may be submitted;
  • The Mayor or CEO may indicate that they require further time to research an answer. In this case, an answer will be provided in writing generally within 10 days; and
  •  Questions will be answered at the meeting, or later in writing, unless the Mayor or CEO has determined that the relevant question relates to:
  • Personal matters
  • The personal hardship of any resident or ratepayer
  • Industrial matters
  • Contractual matters
  • Proposed developments
  • Legal advice
  • Matters affecting the security of Council property
  • An issue outside the Gannawarra Shire Council core business
  • A matter which may disadvantage the Council or any other person
  • Is defamatory, indecent, abusive or objectionable in language or substance
  • Is repetitive of a question already answered (whether at the same or an earlier meeting)
  • Is asked to embarrass a Councillor or Council officer
  • Any other matter which the Council considers would prejudice it or any person.

No debate or discussion of questions or answers shall be permitted and all questions and answers shall be as brief as possible.