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Playgroups bring young children, parents, families and communities together to learn and develop through informal play activities and social interaction. Playgroups help parents and caregivers build social and support networks that encourage and assist them in their valuable parenting role.

They help families to have fun and relax and to build friendships that last beyond playgroup. Playgroups work best when they are inclusive of all, creating an open, welcoming and friendly environment for all children and their families, no matter their circumstances, backgrounds or cultural identity.

At playgroup you get to meet other people going through similar experiences, ease the isolation that can come with caring for young children and find out about local community, health and support services

 Playgroup locations and opening times are listed in the table below:







Kerang Baptist Playgroup

Tuesday 10.00am

Kerang Baptist Church

57 Fitzroy Street, Kerang


Annual fee $30.00 per family, plus $2.00 per family per week for fruit


0402 249 825

Kethawil Pembengguk Indigenous Playgroup

Wednesday 10.00am

Northern District Community Health

27 Fitzroy Street, Kerang


No cost. Morning tea and lunch are provided


(03) 5451 0200

Kerang Family Play

Friday 10.00am (fortnightly)

Gannawarra Shire Children's Centre

2 Murray Street, Kerang


$1.00 per child. Please bring a piece of fruit to share


0407 447 004

Cohuna Playgroup Inc. Tuesday 10.00am Cohuna Maternal and Child Health Centre Market Street, Cohuna


Annual fee $40.00 per family ($30.00 concession) paid to Playgroup Victoria, plus $2.00 per family per week 


0467 490 994

Mrs Mac's Play Group Wednesday 10.00am St Mary's Primary School 51 King Edward Street, Cohuna


 Annual fee of $10.00


0428 163 049

Murra-Bubs & Playgroup Friday 10.00am Murrabit Childcare Centre  Gonn Avenue, Murrabit


Annual fee $40.00 per family ($30.00 concession) paid to Playgroup Victoria. Please bring a piece of fruit to share  



0403 260 745 

smalltalk Supported Playgroup

Gannawarra Shire offers a supported playgroup program, with a facilitator qualified in the smalltalk program.

smalltalk aims to help children positively take part in their family and community; increase families' confidence; offer a chance to meet others; and learn about community resources.

 Sessions are held with parents/guardians and children, based on the smalltalk program, which is about strengthening what families are already doing and engaging in everyday activities to enhance their child's development.

Supported Playgroup is for parents and guardians, and their children aged from birth to school age.

For eligibility requirements, call (03) 5452 1357.