Remember Your Pets this Festive Season

Published on 23 December 2016

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Remember your pets this festive season

Gannawarra Shire Council is reminding residents to remember their four-legged friends this festive season.

Mayor Brian Gibson urged residents to ensure their pets were adequately cared for if they went away on holidays.

‘‘At this time of year, Council deals with a large number of roaming dogs and noise complaints due to howling animals that have been left to fend for themselves. If your dog or cat can’t be properly cared for while you are away, you need to put them in a kennel or cattery,’’ he said.

‘‘Particularly as we are going into a week of high forecast temperatures, if you are going out for the day or even a night or two, make sure your animal has adequate water and food, shelter from the heat, and is securely confined,’’ he reminded.

‘‘It is also important to update your personal details on your animal’s microchip record to ensure you can be contacted in the event your animal goes missing.’’

In addition, Mayor Gibson reminded pet owners to be aware that there would be fireworks in Kerang and Cohuna on New Year’s Eve and encouraged pet owners to ensure their animals, especially dogs and horses, were secure and comfortable during the display.

For information and some tips on how to keep your pets safe during fireworks displays go to

If you are unsure where your cat or dog‘s microchip record is registered, go to and contact Council or your local vet if you require details of the microchip number.