Council adopts 2017/18 Budget and maintains differential rates

Published on 29 June 2017

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Media Release

Gannawarra Shire Council has adopted its 2017/18 Budget and will maintain a differential rates system across all four rates categories.

Mayor Brian Gibson said Council has listened and taken on board all the submissions that were presented to them following the public exhibition period of the Proposed Budget.

“Council have actively sought to compromise and agree on an alternative rating strategy that reflects the current environment and one that is fair and equitable to all ratepayers within the Shire,” Mayor Gibson said.  

“Setting of the rates is a difficult task and one that we don’t take lightly.”

Council has 4 main rating categories and for every $100,000 that a property is worth, exclusive of the $100 municipal charge, you will pay:

Rate Type

This Year

Next Year




Commercial / Industrial



Farm Irrigation



Farm Dryland



“Council can acknowledge that our community has reached the limit of their capacity to pay, and as a Council we need to look closely at our expenditure and ensure that our community living in small outlying areas are being serviced and supported,” Mayor Gibson said.

Council will be collecting $10,405,748 in rates income in 2017/18, an additional 2% compared to the 2016/17 year, which is in line with the State Government imposed rate capping. The average increase across all assessments in the rating categories can be outlined as per the below table.

Over the next 4 years Council will slowly move to a 90% differential for Dryland Farms and 96% for Irrigated Farms.

Rate Type

2017/18 rates income to Council

Average % Increase 2017/18

Current differentials

Proposed differentials 2020/21











Farm Irrigation





Farm Dryland





The costs for rubbish and green waste collection remain as an additional charge, only applicable to those that receive the service.

“There is no perfect rating strategy, therefore no perfect result. Council’s all across Victoria are finding it difficult and we are no different. The process is has taken to come to the fairest and reasonable rate has been a difficult one, but I truly believe this Council has actively listened and healthily debated the topic in our Chambers.”

Also part of the adopted 2017/18 Budget is a robust Capital Works program.

Mayor Gibson said Council is looking forward to begin delivering on the $9 million Program which is outlined in the Budget, of which Council will be funding $6.5 million towards.

“Some of the highlights of our Capital Works Program for the coming year include the commencement of the Nature Based Tourism and Glamping in Koondrook, a $1.2 million development, having a dedicated resource towards improving Sports, Recreation and Leisure, completion of the Kerang CBD streetscape and the commencement of the Kerang Lakes foreshore master plan development.”

“In summary, Council is committed to working together and we appreciate and acknowledge that, at this time, a unifom rating system is not going to work. We have sought to amend this proposal and look forward to continuing towards a strong, viable and positive future for Gannawarra Shire.”

Copies of the 2017/18 Budget will be available to view on Council’s website


Date: 29 June 2017

Media contact: Katrina Thorne T. 03 5450 9333 M. 0409 616 627