What playground features do you like?

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Specific design elements included in the draft plan for the Cohuna All Abilities Adventure Playground include:

1. Playground path to replicate Gunbower Creek with the pathway weaving around the playspace to link all parts of the playground

2. Stand up seesaw to pretend pump water into the water channel. Rubber path from seesaw to reflect a water pipe to water play area

3. Water hand pumps with one to run into a water channel down to the sluice gates to control which channel the water flows down to the drainage point

4. Bridge deck to provide access over the water channel

5. 3 storey old farm shack with tunnel slide, bridge and net climbers to offer a 6m high lookout to the surrounding area

6. Triple swing with one adult swing seat, one toddler swing seat and an accessible harness seat with rubber access path

7. Pig yard with sculptured pigs within an old farm fence

8. Red gum forest climb with log climb poles up to 3m high, spiders web climber, rope balance walk and log steppers

9. Accessible carousal with rubber surround

10. In-ground trampoline

11. Double flying fox with a standard poma seat and an accessible harness seat with rubber path mount and dismount paths

12. Two bush cubby/shacks with log seats and play tables on surface mulch

13. Playground barrier fence to only the road side section of the playground to minimise access to road

14. Boulder log steppers and balance beams within garden bed areas

15. Seated spinner for toddler use on playground mulch

16. Standing spinner for older use on playground mulch

17. Roller spinning wheel to spin the user in a full 360 degree motion

18. Giant basket swing with rubber access path to the swing

19. Sections of the playspace where log stepping stones, smooth flat boulders or log lengths provide shortcuts and paths around the space. 

Cohuna Playground - no key.JPG

What features do you like on the design - we'd love to hear your thoughts!

  1. Steven S
    Would be great to add in some dairy cows into the farm area.
  2. Michelle Howard
    Having a child with severe disabilities, I love the idea of an all abilities playground in Cohuna. The design looks great and is certainly jam packed with some amazing play equipment. My son uses a wheelchair and I especially love the idea of the carousel and the seated swing. There are many aspects though that my child would find very difficult to use as he cannot walk or stand independently and has very little strength in his arms. A lot of this equipment looks like it requires a lot of strength to use with a lot of uneven surfaces. I would love to see a seesaw much like the one at the existing park incorporated into the new design, in addition to the stand up see saw which looks great (for typically developing children, not those with disabilities).
    Perhaps some natural/calming musical instruments would be a great addition also and definitely something children of all abilities could use along side each other. There are some beautiful wooden xylophones and chimes made by companies like 'nature playgrounds' that would be suitable and not too loud (being mindful of children with heightened hearing and sensory issues).
    I am happy to discuss further if you would like.
  3. Wendy Lunghusen
    I’d like to see sealed pathways that connect to existing pathways- allows prams/mobility aids/bikes/trikes etc to access the playground and not cross grassed or gravel areas.
  4. Lorraine learmonth
    I like the theme throughout , flying fox accessible, rolling spinning wheel.Plus equipment included is not seen in any nearby area.I would like to see the rocking ride included which allows the child in wheel chair to be joined by others in the ride ,so they are all included in the ride.not isolated.Look forward to seeing the competition and all kids having fun.
  5. Kathy Easton
    A thought is that the current playground is fully fenced, allowing carers to bring their small children into the playground and feel secure that they are safe and have not wandered off towards the Gunbower creek. As the playground currently does not have this safety feature, potentially there could be issues of small children drowning if left unsupervised. Maybe a small area could be fenced with a couple of seats for carers. This was just an issue pointed out to me by a couple of mothers of small children. Other than that it would be a great asset to the town.