Concessions and Exemptions


Municipal Rates Concession

The Municipal Rates Concession offers a discount on Council rates up to a yearly maximum for eligible concession card holders. A maximum amount of $241.00 can only be claimed on principal place of residence. For more information please visit:

Municipal Rates Concession.pdf(PDF, 124KB)

Council also collects the Fire Services Property Levy on behalf of the Victorian Government State Revenue Office. The Fire Service Levy rebate $50.00 on the fixed charge for eligible concession card holders.


Council levies a 'Municipal Charge' to cover a portion of Council's administration costs.

This year, the municipal Charge is $100.00. The Municipal Charge applies equally to each assessment.

If you have more than one farming property you may be eligible for an exemption from the Fixed Property Charge portion of the Fire Services Property Levy, as well as the Municipal Charge.


Contact the Rates Coordinator on (03) 5450 9333 for details or go to our Forms page . The form can be completed and emailed to or posted PO Box 287 Kerang 3579.