Statutory Planning ensures that the use and development of land is consistent with the Gannawarra Planning Scheme.  Before you start a new business, construct a new building, or change the way land is used, you will normally need to apply to Council for a planning permit.

To find an application form, please go to our Forms Page.

Planning Application Process

A Planning Permit is required for the development or, in many instances, the change of land-use within any of the zones in the Gannawarra Planning Scheme. If you propose to use or develop land, first discuss the proposal in detail with a Gannawarra Shire Council Planner.

Early discussion will confirm whether a permit is necessary and can identify any other requirements.

Visit: Planning Schemes Online Website

Communications rules

If you are a developer or owner-builder, there are important Commonwealth telecommunications rules you need to comply with. For more information visit

Planning Permit Application

If a permit is required, an Application for Planning Permit form must be filled out and lodged with the Gannawarra Shire Council. The application must include all necessary supporting information such as plans, reports and photographs so that the proposal is fully described and can be understood by all interested parties, see information checklists.

The Planning and Environmnent Act 1987 requires the payment of a fee for the processing of applications. Details of the fees can be obtained by contacting us on (03) 5450 9333 or see the Planning Fee Structure.

To find an application form, please go to our Forms Page.

Considering and Giving Notice of the Application

In considering an application, Council will in most cases decide whether material detriment may be caused to any person, and if so, it must give them an opportunity to comment on the proposal. There are a number of ways of giving notice of an application, including notifying the owners and occupiers of nearby properties and placing advertisements in local newspapers.

With some applications, Council needs to seek comments from other government or public agencies before making a decision.

Once any necessary advertising has been completed and other agencies have had time to comment, the application will be decided by either issuing an Planning Permit, issuing a Notice of Decision to issue a Permit or Refuse to Grant a Permit.

A Permit can be issued either with or without conditions and the proposal can begin and continue if all conditions outlined on the permit are met.

Objecting to a Planning Application

If you consider that you will be affected by an application for a planning permit, you may wish to make an objection. Make sure you clearly understand what is proposed before you make an objection. Planning Permit Applications can be viewed at the Gannawarra Shire (Kerang Office).

To object to an application you need to address a letter to Council stating as such and your reasons why you are objecting. This letter needs to be received by Council prior to the date shown on the notice you were sent or in the newspaper.

If despite your objection the Council decides to grant the permit, you can appeal against its decision. Details of the appeal procedures are outlined on the back of the Notice of Decision that you will receive. An appeal must be made on the prescribed form (obtained from the Victorian Civil and Appeals Tribunal VCAT) and lodged within 21 days of the responsible authority giving notice of its decision.


When Council receives an objection to a planning application it may invite the applicant to attend a planning consultation or mediation meeting to discuss the issues.

Applying for a Planning Permit

To apply for a Planning Permit as required by section 47 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and regulations 15 and 38 of the Planning and Environment Regulations 2005. , please visit Council's Online Planning Portal, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can download an Application for Planning Permit form by clicking here(PDF, 288KB)

If you are unsure whether you need a Planning Permit, you should contact Council's Planning Team on (03) 5450 9333 to obtain further advice. 

Planning Fee Structure

This is a summary of the fees prescribed under the Planning and Environment (Fees) Regulations 2000, and is not a complete representation of these Regulations. Reference should be made to the Regulations to obtain the complete wording of individual fee regulations and other regulations (which include waiving and rebating provisions).

New Planning Permit Fee Schedule

Planning Permit Fees

Satisfaction Matters

The fee for determining a matter where a planning scheme specifies that the matter must be done to the satisfaction of a responsible authority or a referral authority is $102.

Advertised planning applications

Any advertised planning applications will be placed here.


Contact the Planning Department

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In Person: Shire Office - Patchell Plaza, 47 Victoria St, Kerang
Phone: (03) 5450 9333
Fax: (03) 5450 3023