Request to prepare a property for the summer season


With summer approaching, landowners are encouraged to prepare their property for an emergency. This includes fire prevention and flood mitigation efforts.

If you live in regional Victoria you can travel to a second property, holiday home or business in regional Victoria to prepare it for an emergency.

If you live in metropolitan Melbourne and own property in regional Victoria, travel to your second property for emergency preparedness should be a last resort. You are strongly encouraged to use local contractors and businesses to prepare your second property to avoid travelling.  

If you are unable to use contractors to prepare your property on your behalf, you can only travel from metropolitan Melbourne to your regional property to prepare it for an emergency if you have been granted a letter of support from your local council.

If you hold a letter of support from your council, you must remember that all restrictions travel with you. This means that if you live in metropolitan Melbourne and your property is in regional Victoria then the restrictions applying to metropolitan Melbourne travel with you.

You must also comply with any additional restrictions your local council places on your letter of support. Please note that travel to your property is not permitted until you have received your letter of approval.

Request to prepare a property for the summer season request form
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Property details
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Will anyone be accompanying you to undertake these works? (NOTE: Only people in the owners’ household are eligible)
As residents from metropolitan Melbourne are unable to book accommodation in Regional Victoria, are you able to stay overnight at the property for the duration of your travel period? * (required)

Owner declaration
I am traveling for the sole purpose of undertaking summer preparedness works to my property. By submitting this application, I agree I will strictly adhere to the following conditions:
* Travel directly to my additional property from my primary residence.
* Travel only with members from my primary residence household that are listed above.
* Travel to and from my additional property only within the dates specified above.
* Stay overnight within the bounds of my additional property.
* Abide by the directions set by the Chief Health Officer and have read and understand the accompanying letter from the Chief Health Officer.
* Travel directly to and from my primary residence to the additional property.
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