New Solar Farm to be built at Cohuna

Published on 12 September 2018


New Solar Farm to be
built at Cohuna

Media Release

A number of new solar and wind farms, including a solar farm at Cohuna will be built in Victoria as part of the Andrews Victorian Government renewable energy target.

Acting Chief Executive Officer Geoff Rollinson said Gannawarra Shire Council welcomes the news of a new solar farm at Cohuna, one of seven proposed for the local area.

“This is another positive step forward in diversifying the Gannawarra economy and aligns with Council’s strategic commitment to renewable energy,” explained Mr. Rollinson.

The six announced wind and solar farms to be built across Victoria include:
Berrybank wind farm
Carwarp solar farm
Cohuna solar farm
Dundonnell wind farm
Mortlake South wind farm
Winton solar farm

The six new farms are estimated to generate enough energy to power 640,000 homes and will generate a combined total of 928 megawatts of energy, with the Cohuna solar farm to produce 34 megawatts.

“It is hoped with the construction of new solar and wind farms, Victorian homes and businesses will start to see the benefits of reduced power prices,” said Mr. Rollinson.

Mr. Rollinson said the Cohuna solar farm will also benefit the local economy.

“The Cohuna solar farm will create a number of employment opportunities and will be a major boost for the local accommodation, retail and construction sectors.”

Around 87,000 solar panels are to be installed at the Cohuna solar farm, which has recently been acquired by major Italian company ENEL.

Construction is set to begin on the solar farm in the first half of 2019.


Date: 12 September 2018
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