Governance Local Law 2018

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Governance Local Law 2018

At its Ordinary Meeting on 19 December 2018, Gannawarra Shire Council adopted its new Governance Local Law 2018. The Local Law incorporates by reference Procedure for the Election of Mayor and Meeting Procedures and commenced operation on 4 January, 2019. On the commencement of this Local Law, Council’s Local Law No. 7 (2011) Processes of Local Government (Meetings and Common Seal), (Further Amendment) is revoked.

The objectives of this Local Law are to:
(a) provide a mechanism to facilitate the good government of the Council through its formal meeting procedure to ensure effective and efficient Council decisions are made in a manner which acknowledges the role of local government within the Australian system of Government;
(b) promote and encourage community participation in the system of local government by providing mechanisms for the Council to ascertain the community's views and expectations;
(c) regulate and control the election of Mayor, any Deputy Mayor and the chairperson of any Special Committees;
(d) regulate and control the procedures governing the conduct of meetings including:
          (i) the notice required for meetings
          (ii) the keeping of minutes;
(e) regulate and control the use of the Council's seal;
(f) provide for the administration of the Council's powers and functions;
(g) provide generally for the peace, order and good government of the municipal district; and
(h) repeal any redundant local laws.

A copy of the Local Law is available on Council’s website at Copies are also available at Council offices.

Tom O’Reilly
Chief Executive Officer