What do you like about the below map of the current park?

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  1. Ann Lee
    The so called Sound shell will be removed! Hopefully it’s replacement will be a great improvement.
    I like the tree lighting
    Where are the flag polls?
    The picnic table is an obstacle when we have a community event. A more suitable place would be closer to the Information Centre.
    The tree in front of the Una? I was told by Shire Staff it would be planted after this plan was released. I’ve been waiting for 12 months for it to be replaced when the previous one died , the drip water tube was broken!
    Pleased to see the Garden Park return to its original size.
    1. Ann Lee
      Having enlarged the plan I see the sound shell is in the same position. Is it to be removed and replaced by a more suitable venue?
      How can those folk who don’t have access to the Internet view the plan?
      Perhaps it could be on display in Cohuna Shopping Centre.
  2. Andrea Otto
    I like the connections between the park and town. The picnic seating area in front of the sound shell makes little sense when the sound shell is used - it will get more use if something practical is built.
    I hope and pray that one day you will listen to the local voices with musical arts backgrounds and get it right first time around!
  3. Roslyn Dwyer
    Thanks for the opportunity to comment.
    Garden Park: Please be reminded that the consensus has always been that Garden Park is a passive, public space with an inviting natural vista and does not need to be cluttered up. ( eg. - opposition to the RSL monuments & the Millennium Time Capsule being in the Park)
    I agree with more seating under the shade on the creek bank (facing the vista) but certainly not the tower structure (icon not on the key) in the centre of the park - if that is a picnic shelter, it is unnecessary and an obstacle.
    Creek bank: On the town-side, the bank could be protected and improved with a timber boardwalk extending from the Gateway to the town bridge. This would link the two areas, (ie. the town and the Island), help reinforce the bank and provide a better, thus closer, interaction with the water - as simple as dangling your feet or angling. The island side of the bank requires urgent restoration and GMW should be pressured to get it done this winter. They need to be proactive before we loose trees!
    Millennium Fountain & lighting: Who maintains the fountain now to keep its shape? With the technology now available, can the lighting be updated - maybe LED lighting or lighting in the water?
    Performance Shelter: Can the structure be modified? Can the front timber be removed, the structure deepened and therefore broadened, plus a permanent stage area installed? Can I reliably inform you what we have was never what was envisaged or discussed. The concrete path needs to be continued from this structure straight across the grass to the brick path parallel to the street too.
    King George Street: We badly need a roundabout at the King George St - Sampson St intersection, which would also deal with the Gateway traffic and pedestrians. (one at Park Lane too) - mooted over the years.
    I don't understand the three meandering pedestrian walkways, in my opinion they are superfluous and pedestrians just need to across the road asap!
    The Clock: Is there a replacement clock being considered, if so has there been a forum to submit ideas?
    Thanks for the opportunity to submit my ideas, however may I point out that the maps, in all forms, are very difficult to read.
    1. Ann Lee
      Roslyn I’m sure your well chosen words are heard all over town. You are so right. We need open space in our Park. The Shire said they would be responsible for the fountain if we the people purchased it and installed it. New coloured lighting - beautiful. Again the Roundabouts at each end of the CBD are necessary. Existing from the Gateway with a caravan you are heading for Echuca! Where can the local people see the proposed plan? I agree it’s difficult to read. Tidy up the footpath in front of the shops too, it’s cluttered, difficult to negotiate for the elderly, Goffers, bikes, dogs, displays etc. Thank you for this opportunity.
  4. Sally Bentley
    The connections between the parks and township, however the middle path should be lined up with the laneway that exists between the dress shop and the ex- fruit and veg shop. This would enable the Tavern to have a more secure outdoor seating area.
    More picnic tables are great, but would be better along the creek bank where people can overlook the water. The area in the middle should be kept open for events such as the markets, carnivals and music (with an improved sound shell.
    More bins are great, however, also need to be along the opposite creek bank.
    I’m glad that the idea of a third bridge has appeared to have been shelved!
    A boardwalk connecting the two existing bridges that also allows adjacent picnic tables is a good idea ( as per an other person’s comments).
  5. Louise Graham
    Has there been a town briefing as in my opinion the map provided doesn’t really give a real view of the works . Consultation via a website is restricted and discriminatory for those who don’t have the technology . Perhaps that is intentional? I note there are artworks? What are they and do ratepayers see designs for feedback before installation? I attended Progress this week and was told there were designs for a new clock on the website but I can’t find them? I agree that there are too many meandering path crossings . Sound shell? I thought that was going? If there is a bew one what does it look like? The main space used for events is too cluttered with tables. What’s the reason for the phone booth... ugly and not needed . I would like to see more concept drawings other than a map with icons. NOT ENOUGH INFO FOR LOCALS TO EVALUATE AND GIVE OPINION . Rate payers should demand to see more before risking ruining the prettiest area of our main street. Otherwise the spend is governed by those few council engineers doing only what they think the town needs
    1. Andrea Otto
      I agree Louise, a pretty drawing that has no detail to make an informed decision.
  6. Kathy Easton
    I agree with a lot of the sentiment raised by the earlier posters:
    • I totally agree with the consultation not being wide enough for everyone to have an opinion – A plan should have been displayed prominently in some of the shop windows such as the Una and how simple would it have been to put it on the town’s notice board;
    • The sound shell needs to be designed better, it has never lived up to the requirements of users;
    • What is the informative signage?? What exactly is this – how big, what information??
    • The meandering paths?? Getting across from one side of the road to the other is quite difficult Gateway end it’s quite wide and you can end up getting stuck in the middle with trucks coming from either direction;
    • More picnic tables under the trees for shade and view of the beautiful creek;
    • How great would a board walk from the Gateway to the Bridge be!!! And it would make it accessible to everyone no matter if they were able bodied or not;
    My biggest concern is that from the 28th February 2021 feedback closes then we jump straight to Project plans finalised and published without a final say – how can we be sure that anything we have submitted has been taken on board and what is proposed is what the Cohuna community believes is best for our town.
    1. Sam Morris
      Well said Kathy. I totally agree with your comments and your questions.
      Where are the details that we need to make informed responses?
  7. Kylie Kervin
    Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
    I would suggest the ugly power lines along the sealed brick path and street parking should be burried under ground to create a clear view from the shops and reduce congestion.

    It would also be great to see draft plans of the new clock options, and the options of the sound shell. I also think seating and picnic tables should be placed along the waters edge with the consideration of the existing trees providing shade for the seating.
    1. Louise Cannon
      I agree.. picnic tables under the trees at the creek edge ... not in the middle
  8. Peter Barker
    Thank you for allowing comment I’m unsure from the sketch provided what is being added and what is the current structure could more detail be provided on what work is proposed ? Like the majority I think tables back under the trees near the creek is more functional and less cluttering to the park allowing more use and a better view. No sure we need any more pathways in such a small space. Is the sound shell a new one or a diagram of what is there? Obviously a new one would need a lot more detail or be able to comment on it. It’s very hard to see. How you could spend a couple of million in the park without over loading it. If we have that much money available could some be used for the pool revamp or commencing a move to revamp of the RV park in such a way as to enhance the view from the commercial area and the king George st park over the creek to the rec reserve
  9. Louise Graham
    I agree Peter with all your comments. How great would it be to have a pool there. he park is already beautiful and there is a real danger of it looking like a suburban park. Cluttered and over developed!
  10. Graham White
    Thank you for the chance to comment and what a wonderful opportunity for the Cohuna community.
    Unfortunately the site analysis plan provided does not reveal enough specific detail to constructively comment on it as is. Its to simplistic and raw with scattered elements of good intention. Much more detailed concept plans and perspectives are required before this fantastic $3.4 million opportunity is wasted or squandered for Cohuna.This is a critical decision for the community and council. It's a rewarding privilege and experience driving into Cohuna from the dry surrounding plains, you enter an oasis of green park lawns framed by trees, and a cooling uninterrupted riverside view opposite the business side of the street.
    The uniqueness of this aspect must be protected and enhanced. The community cannot afford to let any redevelopment turn out to be just like many other towns around Australia with parks that have optted for the easy cut and paste design and placement of standard elements that have made many of these towns end up with a common look and landscape - including the riverside ones. You can't remember which one was which. This is an opportunity to create memorabilty for Cohuna, increase tourism and prolonged stays of travellers instead of a 20 minute stop. This redesign needs a theme, an icon for memorability and a careful design before the cheque book. Whats the rush?
    A few thoughts
    - Was there a theme? - I can't see one. (Water, water, water and closer to the street?)
    - What was the brief to the Hansen designers?
    - Was a landscape designer briefed?
    - Put the overhead powerlines underground
    - Build a single span walking swing bridge directly across the creek to the RV park section - a passive link
    - Link the bridge through the park via pathways with seating to the road crossing.
    - Design a central focal point for relaxing, a meeting place and photo opportunities
    - Move the seating and tables off the larger lawned areas to the river bank - for larger events
    - Redesign and relocate the Sound Stage
    - Relocate and incorporate a clock into a falling water feature enhancing the sound experience
    - Incorporate the unique environment, indigenous and agricultural heritage of the area into the artist briefs for sculptures and water features.
    - Clean up the amazing water tower and better lighting - the towns beacon! - NO graphics. Silo art is now dated and a "me to" attraction and will never be unique to Cohuna
    - Turn the southern end of the Information Centre into a licensed cafe
    - Provide better outdoor maps of the area and its activities
    - Curve pathways like a river, edged with Red Gum timber slatted seating- not sleepers and coach bolts
    - Consider iron framed natural arbor shading without interrupting the views
    - Place a unique taller design element closer to the street to slow and stop the drive throughs
    - Definitely incorporate the uplighting along the riverbank trees and art installations - ground edge lighting on pathways
    - Encourage tourists and locals to clean and maintain the park for a free nights stay - locals are looking for things to do.

    Yep - I remember Cohuna- go there!

    Thanks Graham

  11. Julie Goulding
    Great feedback I hope it is heard! My thoughts is the clock being replaced? Locals donated their time and some costs to design the clock to blend into that area it would be a shame to replace it. Is the sound shell being replaced? Local musicians submitted drawings for the Proposed sound shell some years ago it will be a shame if they are not consulted. If there are funds available an all weather walking/bike track that locals and visitors to the area have requested for quite some time would be an asset. The garden park is a natural beauty admired by locals and visitors too much clutter and cement tracks would take it away from the natural surroundings
  12. Sonia Wright
    Looking at this design it doesn't fit with the concepts discussed with the Progress and Lions consultation. Some are there, but many sound ideas put forward by council staff are not on this.
    Reading the above community feedback, could we see some more detailed concept plans please.
    I believe the brief would be uncluttered, natural and perhaps with a striking sculptural feature, not forgetting the community enjoying the park for relaxation along the waters edge, but having the space for events with consideration of sun in winter and shade in summer.
    I look forward to seeing something more robust for the community to consider. We are pleased for the upgrades, but the soundshell consultations were so poor that we don't want a "repeat" of this, to haunt us for decades to come!
  13. Nicholas Clarke
    Cohuna, and the Gannawarra, are a tourist mecca because of its location, amenities, and its peace and tranquility. One of the benefits of Cohuna are its beautiful night skies, which are unaffected by light pollution, which is evident in our big cities, and large regional towns.

    While I support the Waterfront development, could I ask that the 6 "Tree up-lights" are designed and placed in accordance with AS4282 (Control of the obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting) and AS11583.2 (Lighting for roads and public spaces - Pedestrian area lighting).

    LED lights in particular should be avoided as they increase visible sky glow, and will have a more detrimental effect on the visibility of the night sky.

    It would be beneficial if only the minimal light required is used to increase the ambiance of the waterfront area, so that the beauty of the night sky remains unaffected.