Flood updates - October 2022



Gannawarra Shire Council continues to monitor flooding throughout the three rivers that pass through the municipality.

Above-average rainfall across the municipality and in catchment areas during September and October has created flooding along the Avoca, Loddon and Murray rivers.

This page is a resource for residents, including details regarding flood warnings, road closures and support available.

NOTE: If you need assistance due to flooding, please phone VICSES on 132 500. If you are in immediate danger, please phone 000. For urgent animal welfare needs, please phone the Vic Emergency Hotline on 1800 226 226.

VicEmergency Community Newsletter

To view the latest community newsletter from VicEmergency - which includes updates on local and regional flood efforts, support available and advice - please click on the VicEmergency logo below:


Preparing for an emergency

If you need information regarding preparing for an emergency, the Victoria State Emergency Service Plan and Stay Safe page has some good resources. To view these resources, please click on the image below.

Plan and stay safe.JPG

MAIN PHOTO: Flooding of the Loddon River, Kerang taken in October 2022


Have you been impacted by the floods?

Have you been impacted by the floods in one of the following ways:

  • Water has gone through your residence or property
  • Water is or has surrounded your property, leading to isolation
  • You have needed to evacuate, or have chosen to evacuate
  • Your business has closed
  • Your agricultural business has been impacted

If you have been impacted by one of the ways listed above or require assistance from Council for a similar situation, please register your details by scanning the QR code below with your smartphone or by clicking the QR code image below. 

Crisis Works.png

Other information is available via the Fact Sheets and Newsletters, Emergency Relief Payments and Financial Support, and Support Available sections of this webpage.

Windermere Services phone calls

Winderemere Services is providing additional support to Gannawarra Shire Council as our communities begin to recover from the October 2022 floods.

On behalf of Council, Windermere staff will be calling residents who have registered with Council, with their friendly and understanding staff to help determine what assistance each resident needs and work with other agencies, including Council, to provide that support.

If you have any questions, please contact Council on (03) 5450 9333.  

Flood Recovery Hotline - 1800 560 760 

Available daily from 7.30am to 7.30pm, the Flood Recovery Hotline can assist vulnerable community members and those who have been in emergency accommodation either through the ERC, friends and family, hotels or other for a number of nights, and cannot return to their homes in the near future.

The Flood Recovery Hotline can also be used to assist with navigating available support, clean-up efforts, and mental health and wellbeing support.

Community Emergency Relief Hub and evacuation options

Flood messaging.png Flood messaging (5).png

Community Emergency Relief Hubs are open at the following locations:

Kerang - Kerang Customer Service Centre, Patchell Plaza (open 8.30am-5pm weekdays)

Cohuna - Cohuna Customer Service Centre, 23-25 King-Edward Street (open 10am-4pm weekdays)

Come along to find out what services are available and chat to Council staff and/or other agency representatives regarding accessing assistance.

Please note that these locations do not offer emergency accommodation. If you choose to evacuate, you should stay with family and friends. If this is not an option, accommodation is available at the following Emergency Relief Centres:

  • Deniliquin - Deniliquin Basketball Stadium (343 Gulpha Street)
  • Moama - Moama Recreation Reserve (52 Perricoota Road)

People evacuating are also encouraged to register their absence with Victoria Police. This can be done by clicking on the image below or phoning 131 444 and asking to complete a Register Your Absence from Residence form:


What to take with you when evacuating

If you choose to evacuate, it is important to take the following items with you:

  • Medication and prescriptions
  • Insurance documents
  • Other important documents, including birth certificate(s), marriage certificate and legal documents.

Disconnecting utilities before leaving

Energy Safe Victoria has developed a fact sheet outlining how to disconnect your electricity and gas before evacuating. To download this fact sheet, please click on the link below:


Road closures

Information regarding road closures can be found via the VicTraffic website. To view this page, please click on the image below:


Murray Valley Highway access between Kerang and Cohuna 

As of 5pm Tuesday, 29 November 2022, the Murray Valley Highway is closed between Kerang-Leitchville and Mead Road. Access between Kerang and Cohuna is via one of two options:

  • The Murray Valley Highway, Kerang-Leitchville Road and Leitchville-Cohuna Road.
  • Kerang-Koondrook Road and Cohuna-Koondrook Road.
Local road closures

The following Council-managed roads are closed due to flooding (information correct as of 2.15pm Friday, 2 December 2022):

  • Benjeroop-Tresco Road, Benjeroop
  • Connelly Road, Dingwall (between Dip and Hawthorne roads)
  • Doyle Road, Quambatook
  • Flood Lane, Reedy Lake (detour via McFarlane Lane)
  • Gilmour Lane, Tragowel
  • Harrisons Road, Horfield (between Flannerys and Horfield School roads)
  • Haynes Lane, Kerang
  • Jampot Road, Kunat (between Mystic Park-Beauchamp and Thompson roads)
  • Kelly Road, Tragowel
  • Kenny Road, Kerang (between Kerang-Koondrook and Phillips roads)
  • Knight Road, Quambatook
  • Koondrook Boat Ramp
  • Koroop Road, Koroop (between Kerang-Koondrook and Craig roads)
  • Lehmanns Road, Barraport
  • Luscombe Road, Kerang East (between Murray Valley Highway and Palmer Road)
  • Mansfield Road, Horfield (between Hildebrand Road and Box Creek Bridge)
  • Marshall Road, Wandella
  • Meering Road, Quambatook
  • Meering West Road, Meering West (between Crump and Lester Smith roads)
  • Murrabit West Road (between Benjeroop and Kerang-Murrabit Road)
  • Mystic Park Road, Mystic Park (between Murray Valley Highway and Tip Road)
  • Mystic Park-Kangaroo Lake Road, Mystic Park (between Grey and Silvester roads)
  • Ninyeunook Road, Ninyeunook (between Gannawarra Shire Council boundary and Holmes Bridge Road)
  • Old Echuca Road, Kerang East
  • Old Kerang Road, Kerang (between Collins and Taverner roads)
  • Peerman Road, Kerang
  • Pleasance Road, Tragowel
  • Potter Road, Dingwall (between Kerang-Boort and Douglas roads)
  • Shelley Lane, Wandella (between Dip and Wandella roads)
  • Smith Road, Koroop (between Smith Road slip lane and Safe Road)
  • Thompson Road, Beauchamp (between Jampot and Steer roads)
  • Tragowel North Road, Tragowel (between Kelly and Nixon roads)
  • Violet Bank Road, Appin South
  • Walker Road, Dingwall (between Dip and Hawthorne roads)
  • Weir Road, Kerang
  • Weir Road, Quambatook
  • Wise Road, Kerang
  • Wood Lane, Appin
  • Worsley Road, Tragowel
  • Wren Road, Appin

Waterway closure

Flood messaging (6).png


Residents and visitors are advised that the following changes to waterway access are in place:

  • Lake Meran: Closed to all except for emergency service personnel, Council staff and State Government staff. Swimming, kayaking or using boats are prohibited.
  • Gunbower Creek (from the border of Gannawarra Shire to the Murray River): Closed to all except for emergency service personnel, Council staff and State Government staff. Swimming, kayaking or using boats are prohibited.
  • Murray River: Limits to vessel speed are in place. For details, please click here. NOTE: These arrangements are coordinated by New South Wales authorities. Swimming, kayaking or using boats are prohibited.

Sandbags - Collection points, how to build a sandbag wall and disposal

Sandbags are only available for residents whose properties are at risk of flooding. If you require sandbags, please phone the SES on 132 500. 

For guidance regarding building sandbag walls, please watch the video below from the Shire of Campaspe:


Disposing of sandbags

Information regarding the disposal of sandbags can be found on the Environment Protection Authority Victoria website. To view this page, please click on the image below:


Details regarding how you can dispose contaminated sandbags or where you can leave unused sandbags will be published on this page once details are confirmed. 


Flood warnings

Information regarding flood warnings currently in place can be found via the VicEmergency and Bureau of Meteorology websites. To view either of these pages, please click on the images below:

VicEmergency.JPG     BOM.JPG


Flood plans, river flows and flood mapping

The Victoria State Emergency Service has developed flood guides for Kerang, Murrabit and District, and Quambatook. To view these flood guides,  please click on the image below:


River flow update

You can keep up to date with the latest flows by visiting Goulburn-Murray Water's Water Resources Information page. To view this page, click on the image below and complete the following steps:

  • Select "System Status Report" under Report;
  • Select "Murray" for flows along the Murray River and Gunbower Creek, or "Loddon" for flows along the Loddon River;
  • Select "Streamflow"
  • Select your location.

Flood mapping tools

Online mapping outlining flows from the January 2011 floods along the Loddon and Avoca rivers, as well as the 2016 flood event along the Avoca River, is available by clicking on the image below:

Flood map.JPG



Support fact sheets and newsletters

Council has developed Flood Support Factsheets outlining financial support available for people, businesses and farmers affected by the 2022 Victorian Floods. 

Please click the images below to download the latest issue.


Community Newsletter

Council, Cohuna District Hospital, Kerang District Health, Northern District Community Health and Mallee District Aboriginal Services have developed a community newsletter outline support available.

To download the latest edition, please click on the image below:


Emergency relief payments and financial support 

Emergency relief payment are available to help you to pay for your immediate needs, including emergency food, shelter, clothing, medication and accommodation, due to an emergency like the current floods.

Australian Government - Recovery Connect

The Australian Government's Recovery Connect page features information on all emergency relief payments available for flood-affected residents. This includes payments made available via the Australian Government, Victorian Government and other agencies.

For more information and to apply, please click on the image below.

For more information regarding funding available and to apply, phone the Services Australia Emergency Information Line on 180 22 66

Recovery Connect.JPG

Victorian Government

The Victorian Government is providing payments of up to $580 per adult and $290 per child (up to a maximum of $2030 per eligible family) for those impacted by the floods.

For more information and to apply, please click on the image below:

Relief payments.JPG


Financial support for flood-affected farmers

Agriculture Victoria is working with producers and industry in response to continuing flood events across parts of Victoria. This includes assisting producers with urgent animal welfare issues and assessing agricultural impacts to inform government of the support needs of producers.

Financial support available includes:

  • Primary Producer Clean-Up Relief Grants: Grants of up to $75,000 to cover the cost of the clean-up and get businesses up and running again.
  • Primary Producer Concessional Loans: Up to $250,000 to restore or replace damaged equipment and infrastructure, or to cover the short-term business expenses.
  • Rural Landholder Grants: Grants of up to $25,000 to cover the costs of disaster impacts for small-scale producers.
  • Primary Producer Transport Subsidies: Up to $15,000 to support the transport of emergency fodder or stock drinking water, and the movement of livestock.

For more information and to apply, scan the QR code below with your smartphone or by click the QR code image below. 


Need for Feed

Farmers needing to access fodder for their livestock can apply for assistance from Need for Feed Australia. Established in 2006/07, this Lions International-supported initiative is recognised as the leading provider of emergency fodder at a state and national level by governments and other agencies. 

For more information and to apply, please click on the image below:

Need for Feed.JPG

Financial support for businesses and Community Sporting Clubs

The Business and Community Sport Flood Recovery Grants support businesses, and community sport and active recreation organisations directly affected by the Victorian floods that commenced in October 2022. Managed by Business Victoria, support includes:

  • Up to $50,000 for businesses to cover expenses resulting from significant direct damage to an applicant’s property, assets, stock or equipment.
  • A one-off $5,000 grant for community sport and active recreation organisations to cover expenses arising from significant direct damage to the organisation’s facility and its equipment.

For more information and to apply, please click on the image below:

Business Victoria.JPG

Rural Financial Counselling Service support

RFCS Victoria West’s Small Business and Rural Financial Counsellors are available to assist farmers and small business owners navigate the range of flood relief grants and government support.

Team members can assist from the beginning to the end of the application process and support you through your flood recovery.

RFCS Victoria West also has a team of qualified Wellbeing Counsellors available to ensure anyone working with a financial counsellor is fully supported.

For more information, please phone 1300 735 578 or click on the image below:





GIVIT is working with the State Government to manage donations of essential items and services for people impacted by floods across the state.

GIVIT is managing corporate and public offers of donations of items, services and funds for people impacted by floods across parts of Victoria through the GIVIT Storms and Flooding Appeal.

GIVIT works directly with councils, outreach teams, recovery organisations, charities, community groups and schools to identify exactly what’s needed to make sure people get what they need, when they need it.

If you are a charity, council, outreach team, recovery organisation, community group and you are assisting people in Victoria impacted by flooding, please register for free by clicking here. Once registered, you can request donations of items, vouchers and services to support the community.

Recovery and cleaning up efforts

Returning home safely

The Victorian Department of Health has developed a fact sheet regarding what to do when returning home after a flood, including how to protect yourself and your family from possible injury, illness or disease. To view this fact sheet, please click on the image below:

Free structural assessment

Residents whose property has been affected by the October 2022 floods can register for a free structural assessment through the State Government. To register, please click on the image below:


Insurance advice

The Insurance Council of Australia website features a frequently asked questions section relating to cleaning up after disasters, such as floods. To view this page, please click on the image below:

Insurance Council of Australia.JPG

Cleaning up your property safely

The Environment Protection Authority Victoria has developed a fact sheet regarding cleaning up your home and property safely following a flood event. To view this fact sheet, please click on the image below:

Farm waste management

The Environment Protection Authority Victoria has developed a fact sheet regarding cleaning up farm waste following a flood event. To view this fact sheet, please click on the image below:

Beware of asbestos

WorkSafe has developed a fact sheet regarding the dangers of asbestos-containing materials when cleaning up after a flood. To view this fact sheet, please click on the image below:

Farm-related information

Agriculture Victoria has developed a range of resources to assist farmers during the flood recovery process. For more information, click on the image below and visit the "What to do after a flood" or "Resources for farm recovery after flood" sections:

Agriculture Victoria.JPG

Information for tenants and landowners

Consumer Affairs Victoria has prepared information for tenants and landowners of properties impacted by the October 2022 floods. To view this fact sheets, please click on the image below:

Disaster legal assistance

Disaster Legal Help Victoria is available to answer any questions about your insurance, Services Australia payments, housing, family law or any other legal matters.

For more information, please click on the image below:


Changes to Council services

Flood messaging (2).png

The following changes to Council services are in place at this time:

  • Kerbside waste collection services - Thanks to the efforts of Veolia Waste Services, household waste collections will continue throughout the municipality as long as trucks can access residential properties and waste disposal locations. Any changes to these arrangements will be promoted via Council's Facebook page.
    If your waste is not collected, please take it to one of Council's transfer stations at Cohuna, Kerang, Lalbert and Quambatook, where it can be disposed of or recycled for free. For details regarding locations and opening times, please click here.
  • Gannawarra L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program - Postponed until further notice.
  • Gannawarra Non-Emergency Transport Service - Services between Kerang and Bendigo have resumed, however services to Echuca, Shepparton and Swan Hill are postponed due to road access.
  • Gannawarra Shire Children's Centre, Kerang - Services have resumed, but with limited staff numbers. Families are asked to phone the centre on (03) 5452 1357 to confirm arrangements for their child.
  • Social Meals - Postponed until further notice.
  • Warra Waders Learn to Swim Program - Postponed until further notice due to teacher availability.


Support available

Other support available

If you are struggling, there is help. Please click on the image below to learn more regarding what services are available at this time.