Councillors and wards

Gannawarra Shire Council covers approximately 3,735 square kilometres and is separated into four wards. Each ward is a different size, has varying numbers of people and has different levels of infrastructure. There are seven Gannawarra Shire Councillors.

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Avoca Ward (Mystic Park, Lake Charm, Quambatook, Lalbert, Benjeroop)


Charlie Gillingham (Deputy Mayor)

0457 719 874

First elected October 2016

Charlie has lived in the area for over 50 years and operates a family farm at Lake Charm. 

Charlie has an interest in local environmental, health, irrigation, social and sporting groups.  The area that we live in is very dynamic and has huge potential for innovative agricultural pursuits, further tourism opportunities, new industry and greater residential development around our lakes and waterways. 

Charlie believes that with a common sense approach we can achieve all these goals and continue to make the Gannawarra Shire a fantastic place for all.

Murray Ward (Murrabit, Koondrook)


Steven Tasker

0438 531 271

First elected October 2016

Steven has lived in Koondrook for over 30 years and has a background in mechanics and teaching along with volunteering for the State Emergency Service (SES).  Steven has a passion for the environment and enjoys camping and fishing.

During his term, Steven will focus on improving access to services for the elderly and access to recreation in parks for those in wheelchairs.  Steve will also focus on tourism growth.

Patchell Ward (Kerang, Tragowel, Macorna)


Brian Gibson

0408 171 476

First elected October 2012

Brian is a former police officer residing in Kerang with his family.

Supporting the community is a passion for Brian, as well as his family and sport.

During his four year term, Brian will focus on ensuring that members of the Gannawarra community are heard and develop community interaction into decision making for specific projects. Brian will also focus on growth within the tourism industry.


Jodie Basile

0409 439 269

First elected October 2016

Jodie is a medical receptionist working and residing in Kerang with her family.  Jodie has lived in the Kerang community for the past 30 years and is actively involved on school boards and in the Kerang Football Netball Club. 

Jodie has a background in business, health administration, real estate and local government. 

Jodie is dedicated and passionate about the Gannawarra community and seeing the community grow into the future with stability. Over Jodie’s four year term she will focus on listening to the community whilst promoting our lakes, waterways and natural assets, looking for tourism opportunities and advocating to improve rail services and transport options within the Gannawarra Shire.


Mark Arians

0401 936 020

First elected October 2012

Mark is a project officer with Goulburn-Murray Water, who previously served as a police officer in Cohuna.

Having lived and worked in rural locations throughout Victoria, Mark recognises the shire’s attributes and is keen to assist the area reach its full potential.

Mark is passionate about our environment, tourism and economic development and regards the maintenance of our environmental assets as key to the future of the region.

Yarran Ward (Cohuna, Leitchville)


Lorraine Learmonth (Mayor)

0429 103 180

First elected October 2012

Lorraine will focus on the health and wellbeing of our Shire, including childcare and upgrade of pools. Lorraine is an advocate for further tourism developments of the natural assets of our shire, including Gunbower Island, the rivers and our lakes.

Lorraine will continue to investigate ways our communities can further reduce kerbside waste entering our land fill, including industrial and agricultural.

Lorraine is keen to see further developments in our successful arts and culture sector.

Lorraine’s vision is to empower our communities to reach their full potential, and advocate for a better deal for rural communities. Lorraine will always be available to listen to our communities concerns.


Sonia Wright

0427 815 377

First elected October 2016

(Yarran Ward)

Sonia returned to Cohuna in 1990 to raise her family with honest country values and secure the same upbringing that she was afforded growing up here. Sonia has owned and operated a range of business ventures, including beauty therapy, furniture retail store, dairy farm and veterinary clinics.

Sonia’s desire is to see our region prosper and to ensure that the opportunities that her parents and herself were afforded, are then present and expanded for the next generation.

Sonia wants business opportunities created and thriving tourism, which will bring with it a lively culture in the community. Sonia is buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm to start to make positive change.