I like to think of myself as a genuine example of ‘if I can do it, anyone can!’

My reason for wanting to get involved in exercise is two-fold – to start a sustainable fitness regime and to make small steps into becoming more social in my community.  This process began for me last year when I joined an adult dance class and rehearsed throughout the year, practising for a dance concert for which the adults are involved in too!  On the eve of the performance, literally the eleventh hour at the dress rehearsal, I hurt my knee and wasn’t able to perform.  The funny thing was, I was really disappointed and felt ashamed letting people down.  So, I made the decision to strengthen me and my knee and have since utilised local fitness classes and different activities, but at a pace that I can keep.  I won’t stick with something if  it is too wearing.

Then Australia Day rolled around and who was coming to our area but Lisa Curry, whom I have always adored as I used to swim in high school.  From that meeting came an impromptu adult swimming session with me and two of my colleagues an evening after work.  The first time I remember struggling to do a lap but my rhythm and technique is slowly coming back.  We’re there, we’re not fast but we’re doing it.  This girl can!