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I had been thinking of starting swimming for a little while, although I was hesitant as my swimming experience mainly consisted of recreation swimming in irrigation channels in my youth – I knew I needed to add more exercise to my weekly pilates class.  I was using the heat as an excuse for not walking, knee issues for not jogging but didn’t really have one for swimming other than swimming laps in pool wasn’t my thing.

The turning point came when I attended the Lisa Curry events around Australia Day.  It was mentioned if you are an adult and cannot swim properly, please come to the swimming lesson tomorrow.  With the message ‘It is up to me to make it happen’ in my head, instead of making excuses I turned up.

Although I only sat on the edge and listened, afterwards I practiced the skills with help from a swim instructor and then commenced weekly swimming with work colleagues, now friends.

From gasping for air before making anywhere near 50 metres the first week, I progressed to swimming 50m without stopping, to swimming 400m a session – (although stopping at the end of each 50), within 2 months.  The fitness level improvement was a pleasant surprise.

My weekly swim became something I looked forward to - who would have thought!