Waterway events in the Gannawarra shire

Upcoming events:

22-23 September       Ski Racing Victoria        Point Score 1 event      Lake Charm  
20-21 October Ski Racing Victoria Point Score 2 event Kangaroo Lake    
8-9 December Ski Racing Victoria Point Score 3 event Lake Charm
 16-17 February  Ski Racing Victoria  Point Score 2 event  Lake Charm


23-24 March

Ski Racing Victoria Point Score 4 event Lake Charm
6-7 April  Ski Racing Victoria Point Score 5 event Lake Charm
 18-19 May Victorian Outboard Club Archer Eade Memorial event Lake Charm

For additional information (including Declaration of Boating Activity and Notice of Boating Activity Exclusion Zone) on individual events click on the event name above.