Road Openings

A Road Opening Permit is required before any opening is made in a road managed by Council including an opening made to construct a concrete driveway.

Typical activities for which a permit is required include laying or repairing a buried pipe or cable, installing or repairing any other buried service, constructing a driveway of concrete or pavers, construting an irrigation or drainage ditch or installing privately owned posts and poles.

Where a Contractor is engated to carry out work on a road, either the Contractor or the person for whom the work is being done can apply for the permit.

Contractors must make sure that a permit has been granted before starting work and must have the permit on site while work is in progress.

A "Road" means the full width of any road reserve, from property line to property line, and includes any road pavement, footpath, kerb, naturestrip, swale, shoulder, verge etc.