Kerbside Recycling

 The Kerbside Recycling Service is available to all residents who utilise the Waste Collection. The yellow 240 Litre recycling MGB is collected every fortnight. To enquire about what week your recycling is collected please call the Kerang Office on 5450 9333.

What goes in the Yellow Bin

The following is a list of what may be placed in the Yellow Recycling Bin.  This is a comingled collection so there is no need to sperate or bundle paper and cardboard. Place all items loosley in the bin.

Remove bottle tops.
Rinse out food scraps.
Do not place plastic bags or garden waste in the recycling bin.


Glass bottles & jars
Clear Glass
Green Glass
Brown Glass


Code 1 PET
Code 2 HDPE
Code 3 PVC
Code 4 LDPE
Code 5 PP
Code 6 PS
Code 7
Milk Bottles
Juice Bottles
Detergent Bottles
Strawberry Punnets
Ice Cream Lids and Containers
Yogurt Containers

Paper and Cardboard

Office Paper
Junk Mail
Coloured Paper
Telephone Books


Aluminium Cans
Steel Cans
Aerosol Cans

Liquid Paper Board

Tetra Paks
Long Life Milk
Long Life Juice


Not in the Yellow Bin

There are a few items that should not be placed in the Recycling Bin.  Contamination in the recycling bin makes it difficult to sort the material at the MRF (Materials Recovery Facility).  In some instances it may lead to the entire truck load being rejected and placed in landfill.

Do not place these items in the Recycle Bin
Garden Waste
Food Scraps
Plastic Bags
Plastics Code "other"
Window Glass
Light Bulbs
Household or Car Batteries



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