Pet Registration

1. Overview

Council requires all cats and dogs within the Shire to be registered after the age of three months.
Please note no registration can be accepted without proof of microchipping1.

For an animal registration application, please go to our Forms page

2. Animal Registration Fees

Type Fees 2018/19 State Government Levy (SGL)


Unsterilised dogs

Unsterilised cats





includes $3.50 SGL

includes $2.00 SGL

REDUCED FEE - Sterilised animals 2

Sterilised dogs

Sterilised cats





includes $3.50 SGL

includes $2.00 SGL

REDUCED FEE - Animal over 10 years old

Aged dog

Aged cat





includes $3.50 SGL

includes $2.00 SGL

REDUCED FEE - Applicable organisation 3

Dog - Applicable organisation

Cat - Applicable organisation





includes $3.50 SGL

includes $2.00 SGL

REDUCED FEE - Obedience trained dog 4 

Dog - Obedience Trained




includes $3.50 SGL

REDUCED FEE - Working dog 5 

Dog kept for working stock




includes $3.50 SGL


Eligible Pensioner

(Does not include Health care card)


50% discount


+ $3.50 Per Dog / $2.00 Per Cat

3. Documents required for animal registration

A microchip is a permanent form of animal identification, and unlike a collar or tag, a microchip cannot be lost.
For additional information on microchipping please refer to the DEDJTR website.

Council is unable, by law, to register a new (not previously registered) dog or cat that has not been implanted with a microchip.
Dogs and cats that move into the municipality (even if previously registered in another municipality) are considered to be 'new'.

The owner of the animal must produce proof of microchip implant. For entitlements to reduced registration fees,the owner of the animal must produce proof of sterilisation, membership of approved association, obedience papers, breeding licence, or statutory declaration/tax return for proof of working dog status.

1. Proof of microchipping

If you do not have proof of microchipping please ask your animal's veterinarian to complete the Microchip/sterilisation advice form.  
This form can also be used for proof of sterilisation. You can also contact a Local Laws Officer on (03) 5450 9333 who will scan your animal for a microchip.

2. Desexed / sterilised

A certificate of sterilisation from a veterinarian which includes the microchip number or other information which clearly identifies the animal.

3. Applicable Organisations

If the animal is registered with an applicable organisation (and the animal owner is a current financial member of that Organisation) you are entitled to a reduced rate for registration. Applicable organisations are as follows: 


  • Cats Victoria Inc.
  • Australian National Cats Inc.
  • Feline Control Council of Victoria Inc.
  • The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Australia and Victoria Inc.


  • Dogs Victoria
  • Greyhound Racing Victoria


4. Obedience trained

Dogs that have undergone obedience training; which complies with the regulations; will meet the criteria for the reduced fee for registration.

Approved Obedience Training Organisations

The following organisations have been approved by the Minister for Agriculture as approved obedience training organisations in accordance with the requirements of Regulation 52 of the Domestic Animals Regulations:

  • Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers Inc
  • The Gentle Dog Trainers Association Inc
  • Dogs Victoria
  • Four Paws K9 Training

5. Working dogs

The reduced fee is applicable to - Dogs kept for working stock.

If the property is a farm:

Recognised working dog breeds (Heelers, Kelpies, Border collies) are accepted at the working dog rate.
If you have another breed (e.g. corgi, terrier) and state that the dog is used for working stock, a Statutory Declaration is required.

If the property is in town:

If a person has a working dog breed and lives in town a Statutory Declaration is required to prove that they work on a farm and the animal is used for working stock.

6. Pensioner Concession

Example of calculation for Pensioner Concession rate:

Unsterilised dog            
Full fee            $117.50
less SGL  - $3.50
Sub total $114.00
50% discount       $57.00
plus SGL $3.50