Solar Savers program available in Gannawarra

Published on 06 September 2017


Media Release

Pensioners in Gannawarra are signing up for a pioneering program that will help them to install solar and save money on their electricity bills.

Mayor Brian Gibson said that the Solar Savers program is helping pensioners to install solar with no upfront costs.

“Participating households will gradually pay for their panels with a low-interest loan over 10 years,” Mayor Gibson explains.

“At the same time, power bill savings will more than cover the cost of loan repayments. The Solar Savers model means every household will be at least $100 ahead at the end of each year.”

Since its announcement, Council have received a number of enquiries which is pleasing. Installations are scheduled to begin in December 2017. Day-to-day delivery of the program is being managed by the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (EAGA) on behalf of participating councils.

Mayor Gibson said the program was helping pensioners to save money, stay comfortable in extreme weather, and lower their emissions.

“Gannawarra Shire is very happy to be leading the way and helping local households in need with this pioneering program.“

“We know that pensioners often have the most to gain from solar power – many own their homes and use most of their power when the sun is shining. But the upfront cost can deter pensioners from going solar. We’re removing that barrier.” 

Solar Savers is also taking the complexity and confusion out of going solar, said Scott McKenry, EAGA Executive Officer.

“Before they sign up, we do checks to make sure that solar is the right choice and will save them money. We also take care of finding a trusted installer and a quality, affordable solar system. So pensioners are getting the benefit of our years of solar expertise.”

Solar Savers has been funded with a $760,000 grant through the Victorian Government New Energy Jobs Fund.

The program is being rolled out across 20 Victorian councils to 2019. After that, there are plans to extend the program to benefit pensioners across the state.  More details are available from the Solar Savers website:

For more information please contact Council on 5450 9333 or visit council’s website 


Date: 6 September 2017

Media contact: Katrina Thorne T. 03 5450 9333 M. 0409 616 627