Council Plan 2017-2021 consultation

Lets have a conversation

What do YOU want the future for Gannawarra Shire to look like over the coming four years??

Let's have a conversation...(PDF, 5MB)

Gannawarra Shire Council is currently developing a new Council Plan and Public Health and Wellbeing Plan.

The Council Plan serves as a ‘road map’ to focus Council’s activities over the next four years.

Your thoughts and ideas are important to us as we continue to work towards a liveable, productive and sustainable municipality where opportunities are provided for all.

We want to do this planning with you as together we can achieve so much.

We appreciate you taking the time to answer to the following questions will be used to inform the new Council Plan and Public Health and Wellbeing Plan and a draft version of this document will be presented back to you early in 2017.

The online survey is now CLOSED