About Council

Vision - Gannawarra will become a place which is positively defined by its difference.

Mission - In partnership with the community, Council will offer the services and facilities needed to benefit residents and foster the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the municipality.


Collaborative - We will work together as a team to use our collective skills and knowledge for the benefit of the community.We will work in partnership with a range of stakeholders to deliver better outcomes for our community. We will work closely with the community

Resourceful - In keeping with the character of our communitfy, we will remain resourceful and resilient, employing creative problem solving to all our operational challenges. We will be agile and quick to respond to opportunities for our Council when they present.

Innovative - We will find new and smarter ways of delivering higher levels of service to our community at lower cost. We will leverage the collective ingenuity of our community.

Flexible - We will be proactive in dealing with our community’s needs and expectations and respond appropriately. We will use our judgment in matters of common sense to deliver the best possible customer service for residents.

Integrity - In conducting our business we will take responsibility for the decisions we make and actions we undertake in an open and honest way, free from conflicts of interest, to earn and sustain the trust of our community.