Common Forms

Change of Details Form(DOC, 86KB)

Community Care Feedback Form(PDF, 380KB)

Direct Debit Request Form(PDF, 464KB)

Disabled Persons Parking Application(PDF, 489KB)

Works Within a Road Reserve Application(XLSX, 55KB)

Works within a Road Reserve Handbook(PDF, 214KB)

Vehicle Crossing Application(PDF, 318KB)

Rubbish and Recycling

Application for Residential / Farm Waste and Recycling Service -120 litre(DOC, 62KB)

Application for Residential / Farm Waste and Recycling Service -240 litre(DOC, 62KB)

Application for Green Waste Service(DOCX, 58KB)

Notification of missing or damaged bin(DOC, 74KB)

Bulk Rubbish container application 2017-18(DOCX, 69KB)

Domestic Animals (Dogs & Cats)

Animal registration application 2018-19(DOCX, 135KB)  

Cancellation of Animal Registration(DOCX, 55KB)

Cancellation Keeping of Animals permit(DOCX, 57KB)  

Change of Ownership(DOC, 473KB)

Domestic animal business permit application 2017-18(DOCX, 72KB)

Dog Noise Barking Nuisance Complaint Form(DOCX, 73KB)

Keeping of animals permit application 2017-18(DOCX, 68KB)

Proof of Microchipping/Sterilisation(DOC, 48KB)


Single Farm Enterprise Exemption Application Form(PDF, 363KB)

Valuation Objection Form - Commercial & Industrial(PDF, 53KB)

Valuation Objection Form - Residential(PDF, 42KB)

Valuation Objection Form - Rural(PDF, 40KB)

Valuation Objection Form - Fire Services Levy(PDF, 54KB)

Local Laws

Busking and Performing permit application 2017-18(DOCX, 66KB)  

Camping on Council Land application 2017-18(DOCX, 61KB)

Collections permit application 2017-18(DOCX, 68KB)

Permit to Burn (Local Law No.31) application 2017-18(DOC, 485KB)

Shipping container permit 2017-18(DOCX, 63KB)

Infringement review - Gannawarra(DOCX, 53KB)


Application for use of a Council Facility - type in document(DOC, 583KB)  

Application for use of a Municipal Reserve - type in document(DOC, 622KB)

2017-18 Application Temporary Road Closure(DOC, 498KB)

2017-18 Raffles Street Stalls permit application(DOCX, 60KB)

(DOCX, 60KB)2017-18 Application Busking and Performing

2017-18 Application Street Festivals permit(DOCX, 61KB)

Boating Activity Exemptions and Exclusion Zones Application(DOC, 754KB)

2017-18 Consumption of Alcohol application - no fee(DOCX, 64KB)

Event Sign Application(PDF, 379KB)

Parking requests application(DOCX, 50KB)


Planning Permit Application Form(PDF, 864KB)


Form 1 - Application for Building permit(PDF, 442KB)  

Form 1 - Application for Building permit - type-in version(DOCX, 80KB)

Form 5 - Application for Occupancy permit
(PDF, 363KB)

Form 5 - Application for Occupancy permit - type-in version(DOCX, 67KB)

Asset Protection permit application 2017-18(DOC, 835KB)  

Caravan Park Application for UMD Rigid Annexes(PDF, 45KB)

Documentation Required for Commercial Permits(PDF, 31KB)

Documentation Required for Dwellings & Alterations(PDF, 28KB)

Documentation Required for Sheds and Carports(PDF, 26KB)

Documentation Required to Relocate Dwellings(PDF, 27KB)

Report and Consent (siting) application(PDF, 418KB)

Report and Consent (siting) application - type in version(DOCX, 73KB)

Request for Property Information(PDF, 166KB)

Request for Property Information Stormwater(PDF, 491KB)



2017-18 Consumption of Alcohol with Footpath Trading permit application(DOCX, 70KB)  

2017-18 Footpath Trading permit application(DOCX, 72KB)

2017-18 House to House Trading permit application(DOCX, 68KB)

2017-18 Roadside Parks Reserves Trading application(DOCX, 9MB)

Registration of a Caravan Park application(PDF, 85KB)

Transfer of a Caravan Park application(PDF, 174KB)

Food safety

Notification of a Food Premises(PDF, 113KB)  

Register a Food Premises application(PDF, 150KB)

Transfer a Food Premise application(PDF, 155KB)s

Health Premises

Register a Health Premises application(PDF, 169KB)

Register Prescribed Accommodation Business application(PDF, 169KB)  

Transfer a Health Premises application(PDF, 184KB)

Transfer a Prescribed Accommodation Business application(PDF, 184KB)


Application to Install a Septic Tank(PDF, 319KB)

Nuisance Log(PDF, 255KB)

Children's Services

Toy Library Membership Form(DOC, 620KB)


L2P Learner Driver Application Form(PDF, 97KB)

L2P Mentor Driver Application Form(PDF, 123KB)