Common Forms

Change of Details Form(DOC, 86KB)

Community Care Feedback Form(PDF, 380KB)

Direct Debit Request Form(PDF, 464KB)

Disabled Persons Parking Application(PDF, 489KB)

Works Within a Road Reserve Application(XLSX, 55KB)

Works within a Road Reserve Handbook(PDF, 214KB)

Vehicle Crossing Application(PDF, 318KB)

Rubbish and Recycling

Application for Residential Farm Waste Recycling Service(DOC, 54KB)

Application for Green Waste Service(DOCX, 55KB)

Notification of missing or damaged bins(DOC, 61KB)

Bulk Rubbish container application 2017-18(DOCX, 69KB)

Domestic Animals (Dogs & Cats)

Animal registration application 2018-19(DOCX, 135KB)  

Cancellation of Animal Registration(DOCX, 55KB)

Cancellation Keeping of Animals permit(DOCX, 57KB)  

Change of Ownership(DOC, 473KB)

Domestic animal business permit application 2017-18(DOCX, 72KB)

Dog Noise Barking Nuisance Complaint Form(DOCX, 73KB)

Keeping of animals permit application 2017-18(DOCX, 68KB)

Proof of Microchipping/Sterilisation(DOC, 48KB)


Single Farm Enterprise Exemption Application Form(PDF, 363KB)

Valuation Objection Form - Commercial & Industrial(PDF, 53KB)

Valuation Objection Form - Residential(PDF, 42KB)

Valuation Objection Form - Rural(PDF, 40KB)

Valuation Objection Form - Fire Services Levy(PDF, 54KB)

Local Laws

Busking and Performing permit application 2017-18(DOCX, 66KB)  

Camping on Council Land application 2017-18(DOCX, 61KB)

Collections permit application 2017-18(DOCX, 68KB)

Permit to Burn application 2017-18(DOCX, 75KB)

Shipping container permit application 2017-18(DOCX, 62KB)

Infringement review - Gannawarra(DOCX, 53KB)


2017-2018 Application for use of a Council Facility(PDF, 503KB)  

2017-2018 Application for use of a Municipal Reserve(DOC, 621KB)

2017-18 Application Temporary Road Closure(DOC, 498KB)

2017-18 Raffles Street Stalls permit application(DOCX, 60KB)

(DOCX, 60KB)2017-18 Application Busking and Performing

2017-18 Application Street Festivals permit(DOCX, 61KB)

Boating Activity Exemptions and Exclusion Zones Application(DOC, 754KB)

2017-18 Consumption of Alcohol application - no fee(DOCX, 64KB)

Event Sign Application(PDF, 379KB)

Parking requests application(DOCX, 50KB)

Planning and Building

Asset Protection permit application 2017-18(DOC, 835KB)  

 Building permit application(DOCX, 80KB)

Caravan Park Application for UMD Rigid Annexes(PDF, 45KB)

Documentation Required for Commercial Permits(PDF, 31KB)

Documentation Required for Dwellings & Alterations(PDF, 28KB)

Documentation Required for Sheds and Carports(PDF, 26KB)

Documentation Required to Relocate Dwellings(PDF, 27KB)

Occupancy Permit application(PDF, 25KB)

Planning Permit Application Form(PDF, 864KB)

Report and Consent (siting) application(PDF, 418KB)

Report and Consent (siting) application - type in version(DOCX, 73KB)

Assessment-criteria-Reg-408.docx(DOCX, 331KB)

Request for Property Information(PDF, 166KB)

Request for Property Information Stormwater(PDF, 491KB)


2017-18 Consumption of Alcohol with Footpath Trading permit application(DOCX, 70KB)  

2017-18 Footpath Trading permit application(DOCX, 72KB)

2017-18 House to House Trading permit application(DOCX, 68KB)

2017-18 Roadside Parks Reserves Trading application(DOCX, 9MB)

Registration of a Caravan Park application(PDF, 85KB)

Transfer of a Caravan Park application(PDF, 174KB)

Food safety

Notification of a Food Premises(PDF, 113KB)  

Register a Food Premises application(PDF, 150KB)

Transfer a Food Premise application(PDF, 155KB)s

Health Premises

Register a Health Premises application(PDF, 169KB)

Register Prescribed Accommodation Business application(PDF, 169KB)  

Transfer a Health Premises application(PDF, 184KB)

Transfer a Prescribed Accommodation Business application(PDF, 184KB)


Application to Install a Septic Tank(PDF, 319KB)

Nuisance Log(PDF, 255KB)

Children's Services

Toy Library Membership Form(DOC, 620KB)


L2P Learner Driver Application Form(PDF, 97KB)

L2P Mentor Driver Application Form(PDF, 123KB)