Enrolments and bookings are arranged by contacting the Gannawarra Shire Council Children’s Services Team on 5452 1357.

To complete an Enrolment Application for any of Council's Child Care Services / Kindergarten Programs, go to our Forms page.

Enrolment packs include all the required paperwork which must be completed and returned to the office prior to a child beginning care.

Fees and Financial Assistance

2017 Operating Fees

Long Day Care



$372.00 (based on a 50 hour week)

Full Day

$81.70 per day

Half Day / 3 Year Old Program  (5 hours)

$48.10 per half day


$11.65 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

Late Fees (apply after 6pm)

$20 for the first 15 minutes or part thereof.  $25 for each additional 15 minutes or part thereof




4 Year Old - Gannawarra Shire Children's Centre

$38.30 per week

4 Year Old - Cohuna, Koondrook & Leitchville

$846.00 per year

3 Year Old Program - Cohuna & Koondrook & Leitchville (3 hours)

$613.00 per year

Fees are set to allow the service to meet all operating expenses and remain payable even when your child is absent through illness or for any other reason.

Financial Assistance

There are two Government subsidies available to assist parents with the cost of child care. The Child Care Benefit (CCB) and the Child Care Rebate (CCR). A sliding scale of care benefits apply depending upon a number of factors.

You may be eligible for the CCB if you are a parent, foster parent or grandparent with a child in your care who is attending child care services approved by, or registered with the Government. To claim the CCB you must contact the Family Assistance Office.

The CCR is a payment from the Government that assists working families with the cost of child care. There are certain requirements you must meet to be eligible for the CCR including meeting the eligibility requirements of the CCB.

If you would like further information on child care benefits or an application form please contact the Children’s Services Team or the Family Assistance Office.