Beyond the Battle




This 2 year project is about telling the stories and showing the images of our WW1 service people. It will result in a documentary style film following many Gannawarra Shire WW1 servicemen and women, and broadens to include those from other areas and nations that moved to the Gannawarra Shire after this time. In this way we have stories from all over the world that reflect what was happening during WW1. The project will include contributions in the form of digital copies of images, documents and other materials provided by members of the community, relating to family members who served in WW1.

We need help from community members to collect as much information as we can. Appointments are available at the Kerang Library with our Beyond the Battle Project Officer, for those who would like to share WW1 stories, photos, documents or memorabilia of their family member(s). Only copies will be made and no original items will be held past the interview.

The images/stories collected that are incorporated in to the film will be projected at 2 community cinema events on Remembrance Day 2017 and 2018, closing our ANZAC centenary commemorations. This project will require sensitivity to show the whole story, acknowledge our indigenous servicemen and women, the understanding of how war affects all, not just the victors, as well as how this community today is different and similar to that of 1914-1918.
All research data, including images and documents will then be a permanent record and publicly accessible.

If you have information on your family's WW1 history to share, please fill out the contact form to get in touch with the Beyond the Battle Project Officer Kristie Dean.