Veterans Home Care

Veterans' Home Care

Veterans’ Home Care is an Australian Government program designed to assist those veterans and war widows/widowers who wish to continue living at home, but who need a small amount of practical help. The program is provided through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA)

What Services are available?

• Domestic Assistance
• Personal Care 
• Respite
• Home & Garden Maintenance


All Gold Card Holders — This includes all war widows/widowers and veterans of the Australian Defence Force.

White Card Holders — Australian Defence Force Veterans, Commonwealth and Allied Veterans are eligible for accepted disability related respite care only.

Partners and carers may receive respite care if they are caring for an eligible veteran or war widow/widower.

Other cards such as pensioner concession or health care cards do not provide eligibility for Veteran's Home Care.

Further Information

Further information on the Veterans Home Care program and its range of services is available by contacting the Community Care Team or by visiting the Department of Veterans Affairs website.