Consumer Directed Care Packages

1. What is a Home Care Package?

Home care packages are a support system that assist you to age safely in your own home as an alternative to entering residential care; funds are allocated by the Commonwealth Government for your use (via Support First) and you may use these funds to purchase services or equipment.

SupportFirst will assist you to manage these funds and services by providing you with Case Management services and connecting you with service providers. Our Case Management Teams also assist you with accessing other resources and programs in your community and arranging referrals on your behalf.

2.Am I Eligible?

To find out if you eligible; just contact your local Aged Care Assessment Team by visiting or free call 1800 200422

3.How can it help me?

Home Care Packages can assist with a variety of services to help you live at home longer such as

  • Helping you keep your house clean and safe
  • Assisting you with home modifications
  • Personal assistance (dressing, bathing etc.)
  • Respite services for your carer
  • Garden maintenance

4.What Choices do I have?

We have a panel of preferred service providers that you can choose between depending on the service offered and how you wish to spend your package funds.

We also offer you several options of direct involvement in case you wish to take on as much management as possible of your package.

Our staff will assist you to develop a Care Plan and budget your package funds to support your choices.

5.What does it cost?

 Unlike most Home Care Providers, SupportFirst do not charge you a daily fee. Our expenses for administering your package and case management are taken directly out of the funds provided by the Commonwealth Government.

The only fee you personally have to pay is an 'income tested care fee'. This is determined by the Commonwealth Government and is waived if you are a full pensioner.

If you are on  a part-pension (or have an independent income), whatever fee is determined by the Commonwealth goes back into your Home Care Package funds to be spent on your care.


6.How can I get a Home Care Package with SupportFirst?

If you have been assessed as eligible for a Home Care Package, or just want further information, please feel free to contact us on the details below to find out if we have a package available for you.

PO Box 287 Kerang Vic 3579

(Ph) 5450 9333

(Fax) 5450 3023